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Mauget Inject-a-Min Iron/Zinc Fertilizer 6ml

Mauget Inject-a-Min Iron/Zinc Fertilizer 6ml
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Mauget’s tree injection fertilizers containing agricultural minerals have been developed specifically for Mauget tree injected micro-injection and micro-infusion treatments.

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Some of the unique advantages of Mauget tree injections include; root system damage, feeder roots not accessible, ground water concerns, leaching/drainage concerns, rapid availability of elements, frost damage protection and recovery, insect and disease damage recovery. 100% of the elements are utilized by the plant resulting in a cost effective fertilization program.

nject-A-Min Iron/Zinc contains Iron and Zinc sulfates along with Sulfer which are considered quite effective in rapidly overcoming Iron and Zinc deficiencies in many trees and including Pin Oaks.

Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc is a Mauget micro-nutrient formulation containing water-soluble iron and zinc sulfates including Sulfur, together helping to correct conditions of many tree species growing in non-native alkaline soils.
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