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Silky TSURUGI CURVE Professional LEFTY Hand Saw 330mm LG Teeth

Silky TSURUGI CURVE Professional LEFTY Hand Saw 330mm LG Teeth
Item #: 458-33

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Now as a LEFTY! 13in Curved blade handsaw with 6.4 teeth per inch.

Silky has taken the unique design of the straight Tsurugi and tweaked it just a bit in shape and size. The result is a much more aggressive blade in popular sizes which will still fit into tight crotches without damage to opposing limbs.

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The skinny saw with big-saw cutting, and surgical precision. The Tsurugi is one of the lightest, and best balanced saws on the market today, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware. Originally designed to fit tight crotches without damaging opposing limbs, users quickly discovered that the Tsurugi not only filled that niche, but also performs tremendously for all hand-saw pruning.

The only complaint was that we didn’t have a curved version, but as you can see, we’ve taken care of that. The curved Tsurugi is every bit the same as the straight, but with different length blades and a much more aggressive blade.

The comfortable, 2-part rubber grip is held together by an ingenious integration with the blade tang. The grip and fit of the handle feels like it was destined for your hand.

The scabbard for the Tsurugi is equally impressive. Made of aluminum, the scabbard is a safe and sturdy home for your saw, and has six rollers protecting the entryway. The Tsurugi scabbard can be attached to the belt or leg depending on the users preference (leg straps sold separately).
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.13 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Silky Saws
Color Black/Red
Length 13 in
Material Steel/Rubber/Plastic
Teeth Per Inch 6.4 ppi
UPC Code 4903585458333