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SHERRILLtree Made Tree Frog SRT Climbing System

SHERRILLtree Made Tree Frog SRT Climbing System
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SHERRILLtree most popular SRT (single rope technique) climbing system is but a click away...

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Single rope techniques (SRT) utilizing a rope walking system conserve a lot of energy on climbs exceeding about 60 feet by utilizing the legs for 90% of the effort. Once aloft, tree climbers usually safety-in to a nearby crotch and switch over to a traditional doubled rope technique (DdRT) in order to move freely in all directions. Thin lines (up to about 12 mm) are best for SRT because ascenders perform better on lines up to this range.

The only problem with most SRT ascent systems for tree climbing is that they’re equipment intensive, requiring bulky storage.

The Tree Frog system is not only simple to attach, adjust, and operate but it’s also easier to store than anything currently available—and that’s important. The Pantin (foot ascender) and Croll (suspender-mounted ascender) can be worn throughout the climb without discomfort or interference, leaving only the handled ascender with foot strap to be stored. You can quickly engage or disengage the Tree Frog over and over for short ascents without struggle, which is sometimes helpful in tall trees where you’re able to leave the ascent line fixed and work around on your doubled line. The Tree Frog keeps your body in a comfortable, upright position, and—best of all—leaves all the work to your legs. So, if you’re in need of conserving energy for the workday ahead, hop along, little froggy!

Includes Croll ascender, Secur suspenders, left-hand Expedition ascender with cow’s tail lanyard, foot strap and Pantin foot ascender. Three carabiners, harness and PPE required (but not included).
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