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Samson Static Polyester Rope 200ft

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Samson Static Polyester Rope 200ft
Item #: STAT-200-NS

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Samson Static Polyester Rope 200ft

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In the tree care industry, static kernmantle is most often used for speed line work due to its high strength and tough, tightly woven skin, but most important, its low stretch characteristic. When running a speed line, the rigger's worst enemy can be sag or stretch. Sag is an unavoidable evil, due to the rigged tree's bending, so employing this low stretch line is a favorite way to minimize further contribution. The core of this line bears most of the load, while the cover provides protection from dirt and abrasion. These ropes are NOT dynamic and should NOT be used as climbing lines in situations where someone might incur fall arrest without the use of a non-toothed ascender. Due to lack of stretch, a climber could be seriously injured if stopped from a fall by staticline. Although static rope softens with use, you can expect tougher than usual knot tying characteristics. Use easily untied knots, like the bowline or double eight backed with a hitch. UL certified. 9,100 lbs tensile
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 15.00 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Samson
Color Blue/Orange
Diameter 1/2 in (12 mm)
Strand Count Kernmantle
Meets ANSI Standards YES
Melting Point Polyester melts @ 480°F, Nylon @ 460°F