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Rock Exotica rockD Auto-Lock Carabiner

Rock Exotica rockD Auto-Lock Carabiner
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Super-strong “D”. Slightly angled gate for ergonomics and a wider gate opening.

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Super-strong “D”. Slightly angled gate for ergonomics and a wider gate opening.

SAFETY NOTE: Carabiners with ORCA-Lock
ORCA stands for open regular/close auto. The unique autolock sleeve/gate can be set in the unlocked position—meaning when you open the gate, it’s just like opening a non-locker. Then the magic kicks in! The act of opening the gate “triggers” it. When the gate closes, it will autolock just like a regular autolocking carabiner. Presto! Security in spades.

But why? The ORCA can be initially unlocked for easy opening without the digit gymnastics. Then when you clip it in, it locks. Ease of use when you want it. Security when you need it.

The ORCA is unlike any other carabiner. You must understand how it works. It is for experienced, advanced users. Can you close the gate without having it lock? Yes, if you close the gate while holding the sleeve so it can’t rotate (as opposed to just letting it go) it will not lock. Can you use it like a regular autolocker? Yes, if you don’t set it to the unlocked position, it will open like a regular autolock (lift up, twist, and open). When you let the gate close, it will autolock.

If you are looking for a unique carabiner with unique abilities, then look no further. Just be sure to practice low and slow and be familiar with the use of your equipment in all phases of your work plan.

These are for experienced, advanced users. Due to the mechanism that makes the ORCA carabiners unique, there is potential for the gate to stay in an unlocked position. Because of this, these carabiners do not comply with ANSI Z133 requirements for life support and should not be used in a life support scenario.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 0.20 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Rock Exotica
Color Red
Certifications or Standards YES
Gate Opening 0.95 in (24.1 mm)
Material Aluminum
Tensile Strength 6,519 lbs ( 28.9 kN )
Working Load Limit 651 lbs ( 2.8 kN )
UPC Code 816302020086