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Notch BIG SHOT Standard Kit

Notch BIG SHOT Standard Kit

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2017):
I had an interest in stringing antenna wires in trees so I can operate my radio in different environments. The first test of this would be my backyard. The Notch Big Shot was attractive because it can launch a throw weight and line much higher than I could do on my own, but also its ability to do so with some precision and stealth.

The instructions were pretty clear, but it took me a few shots to get a "feel" for how hard to pull, aim, release (without the trigger thingie), and what to expect. By my seventh pull, I had launched a beautiful neon orange string arc over a branch some 80' above the ground. Antenna placed!

From a function point of view, this does exactly what I need. With more practice shots, I could be very good at aiming this. The quick release option (or the archery trigger alternative) the other fellow mentioned would be super useful, as it takes a lot of arm strength to pull the tube down.

My big negative on this is the durability. The rubber tube has a moderately large fracture on the right side and may have one more pull before it snaps. A replacement is readily available for $32, but it seems like it should last longer than seven shots.