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More Power Puller with 35ft of 8mm Amsteel Winch Line

More Power Puller with 35ft of 8mm Amsteel Winch Line

Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2016):
this is coming from a non-professional weekend warrior in Vermont.

My skills have come a long way since taking down my first tree with an axe 7 years ago. Although I'm confident, a recent rotted out maple deviated on me and gently slapped a power line.

No damage as it was very gentle but enough of an eye opener to realize I needed to step up my gear.

With this guy, I was able to confidently re direct some much - much larger trees along a high-transmission power line. Took down (5) trees -all had a natural downhill lean towards the power lines. With the puller I was able to cut, pull, cut, pull, cut, pull and boom. actually managed to pull them all up hill!

yeah, so before you go hating me, I'm not a pro and yeah I could have easily hired a real pro to come in and top them first.

but guess what, I ised the money I saved on not hiring a pro to buy gear, gain experience and a little left over to party afterwards.