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Pro-Knot Outdoor Knot Cards 20 Knots

Pro-Knot Outdoor Knot Cards 20 Knots
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Keep 20 of the arborists most important knots right in your dirty, stinkin’, sweat-saturated, chip-filled pants for instant access to life-saving, production-increasing, log rigging. etc.

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Six cards are attached together in corner with a brass grommet. 20 useful knots cover most any rope tying situation:
Square Knot
Water Knot
Rolling Hitch
Sheet Bend (Double Sheet bend too),
Trucker's Hitch
Buntline Hitch
Mooring Hitch
Sheep Shank
Cleat Hitch
Timber Hitch
Tautline Hitch
Clove Hitch
Constrictor Knot
Double Fisherman's
Figure Eight Follow Through
Prusik Knot
Butterfly Knot
Two Half Hitches, and the
Bowline on a Bight.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 0.06 lb.
Final Sale Item Yes
Brand Pro-Knot
Height 2 1/8 inch
Number of Pages 6 pages
Waterproof Yes
UPC Code 764511253002

Customer Reviews

Easy to carry great reference guide. Buy it. Keet it with you and use it when you need it. Review by Dan Dan the Tree Man
I could not have received these fast enough. I got through learning to tie them in about 20 minuted. The instructions are easy to understand and the quality is excellent. (Posted on 10/9/2016)
Handy guide Review by Shive
A handy guide for the novice or an old hand! A great settler of arguments! (Posted on 7/14/2014)
super handy Review by justin
Made my job safer knowing I was using the right knot for each job. Handy for any rope user. (Posted on 4/2/2014)