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PHC for Trees 27-9-9 five 8 pound packs

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 five 8 pound packs
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PHC for Trees 27-9-9 combines a standard fertilizer with complete micronutrient package, amicrobe-based renewable biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution, improve solubility, and reduce leaching of applied mineral nutrients.
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PHC for Trees is available in three different formulations to provide more fertilization program options. All PHC for Trees formulations contain the same micro-nutrient and microbial analyses. PHC for Trees is a water dispersible chemical and biological fertility product. Key elements are micronized so that PHC for Trees will not clog equipment. RZ-3, a new surfactant technology, helps the product to readily penetrate the soil. The chemically-based elements meet trees’ nutrient needs quickly, while the beneficial microbes sustain fertility over the long term.

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 is a highly dispersible product formulation that provides both chemical and biological fertility. Its chemically-based elements address trees’ immediate nutritional needs, while its beneficial microbes will help to sustain fertility over the long term. Key elements are finely ground so that the product will not clog spray equipment. A new surfactant technology (RZ3) helps the product to readily penetrate soil.

• High Nitrogen fertilizer, ideal for spring applications or other situations where high Nitrogen levels are preferred.
• 50% of its Nitrogen is in a slow-release form.
• Provides macro- and micronutrients to replenish seasonal fertility requirements and promote growth, health and vigor.
• Provides select microbes that fix atmospheric Nitrogen, solubilize Phosphorus and release bound mineral elements in soluble form through decomposition of organic materials for long-term fertility benefits.
• Can be applied by soil injection or drench.
• Compatible with PHC Injectable for Trees and other mycorrhizal fungal inoculant products.
• Mix 8 LBS. (1 Bag) with 100 gallons of water.

Please read entire product label before use.

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 Instructions (PDF)
PHC for Trees 27-9-9 MSDS (PDF)

PHC Product Expiration Bulletin (PDF)

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Additional Information

Weight 40.00 lb.
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Brand Lebanon
Makes Gallons 500 gallons
PDF info <a href="media/wysiwyg/pdfs/PHCforTrees27-9-9_Instructions.pdf">PHC For Trees 27-9-9 Instructions (PDF)</a>
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