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Petzl Adjustable Rope Bridge

Petzl Adjustable Rope Bridge
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The Petzl Adjustable attachment bridge for SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses allows quick and precise adjustment of the position of progression tools installed on the bridge.

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If variety is the spice of life, then adjustability is in the spice rack as well. For each and every tree, harness, climber, and rope combination, there’s a separate way to accomplish the task of tree climbing. What does not change is the desire to be safe, efficient, and comfortable. Enter the Adjustable Rope Bridge from Petzl.

For years, climbers have had to decide which is better: a compact climbing system very responsive to slack tending or an elongated system easier to advance but lags when you’re climbing the tree not the rope. Sure, systems such as the O or anchor bridge have been developed to “bridge” this gap. However, they require specific kit and may not fit all climbing styles or situations.

Petzl offers the versatility as well as simplicity of being able to adjust the bridge length simply, rapidly, and at any increment you desire.

Lengthen it out for rope advancement through the tree or coming back from a long limb walk. Shorten it up when advancing on rope, managing slack, or in tight quarters. No matter your size, height, or arm length; no matter your preferred climbing system or the dynamics involved—the Petzl Adjustable Rope Bridge has adjustability covered.

NOTE: this bridge only works on saddles that were made 2014 and newer because of the upgrade of the rings that the bridge attaches to. See Image Below:

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 0.51 lb.
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Brand Petzl
Color Black/Yellow
Length 5.9 ft
UPC Code 3342540096356

Customer Reviews

It really works Review by lee
A bit pricey, but this adjustable works very well. Easy to let out slack at any time. Documentation for installation is poor. It is impossible to read the figures and get the installation correct from them,, unlike other Petzl documents. I had to figure how it worked and then play with it to get it right. Even then, the actual installation did not match the location of the Petzl logo I found in a competitors picture (supplied by Petzl) in a competitors advertising. I like that this gives me the option of a tight bridge which makes ascending on a multicenter easier and helps me be vertical. (Posted on 12/11/2019)
You wont regret it Review by W^3
I dont know what I did without this in my life. Makes positioning much easier, simple to use, and very useful (Posted on 7/11/2018)