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TFTC #10 | Tips from the Canopy Enters the Master Catalog!
Published at Mar 12, 2019

March 12, 2019 

In this entry of Tips From the Canopy, ....


Tips From the Canopy


Tips from the Canopy Joins the Catalog!


Written for Tips From the Canopy

New SHERRILLtree 2019 Master Catalog

One of the biggest projects every year is the SHERRILLtree Master Catalog (which showcases our huge selection of climbing equipment) and we are truly excited to debut in the 2019 Catalog and some of the new features within.

New SHERRILLtree 2019 Master CatalogNot only does the catalog showcase the latest and greatest products, but we've also placed several intros to certain sections of the catalog that follow the Tips from the Canopy format. Readers and customers have commented — and continue to comment — about how the SHERRILLtree catalog has helped them along their journey in this industry, and we're honored to be part of it.

We think this addition to the catalog will continue to provide valuable content focusing on your safety and education. If you haven't received your 2019 SHERRILLtree Master Catalog, you can read and browse it online now, or if you're in the US, order yours now — it's free!

New SHERRILLtree 2019 Master Catalog

Speaking of safety and education, mark your calendar for ArborFest EXPO coming up March 22nd - 24th!

For more information, and to register, visit for a full list of courses, demos, seminar topics, available CEUs, guest instructors, exhibiting vendors, location info and more! (Whew!) We look forward to seeing you there!

Climb safe. Cut safe.


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Review by James E. Martin (Posted on 4/5/2020)

You sent me one would you please send me another one for my grandson. Thank you, Jim Martin

Review by Extreem tree service (Posted on 4/5/2020)

Tip from the canopy by Edward Smorey. Chippers or one of our most important holes in the tree care industry. Having sharp knives is the most efficient way to make your chipper work for you. However sometimes it can be very difficult to change the knives as well as dangerous. As the bolts that hold the knives get impacted by pieces of wood. It is difficult and dangerous to remove these pieces of wood to change the knives. My secret to all of those will pay attention. Use a small propane torch like a plumbers torch to burn the wood pieces out of the bowl areas. It works very slick that way you’re not digging the pieces out where you could slip and cut your fingers on the knives. It works amazing . Happy chipping Ed

Review by Angel Galdamez (Posted on 4/5/2020)

Nice jod

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