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Secured Footlock
Published at Oct 19, 2015 | Posted by Tobe SHerr

Do you mostly use your arms while climbing a doubled rope?

If your answer is yes, would it help to be five times stronger than you are?

You can, if you learn how to climb using the secured footlock method. That’s because your legs are on average five times stronger than your arms.

The secured footlock method is simply described, but it requires a bit of practice to learn and to do well. With your body secured to the rope – using a simply-fashioned Prusik loop and a tight grip on both pants or rope – you put one foot on the ground, you curl a length of rope on top of that foot and put your other foot down on top of it, pinching the rope between the two.

From there, you haul yourself up, inchworm-fashion, pushing yourself up the rope with your legs, instead of pulling with your arms.

But if you can't get the hang of pinching a rope with your feet, you can try using one of our climbing systems, such as the Tree Frog Climbing System. It uses the same kind of motions, along with the greater leg strength – to help you move up into the tree.