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Bowline Knots
Published at Oct 18, 2015 | Posted by Tobe Sherrill
Bowline, basic
The Bowline holds tight during extreme situations, yet unties with minimal effort. Used mostly in rigging situations this quickly tied and untied knot is perhaps our most important tool! Caution! The Bowline is not recommended for personal support termination because it can unravel under light loads.
Bowline Knot Graphic Bowline Knot Photo
Bowline, running
This is just a Bowline tied back upon the standing part of line to create a cinching characteristic. Great for rigging situations.
Running Bowline Graphic Running Bowline Photo
Bowline with a Yosemite Tie Off
This turn of the working end adds a significant measure of safety to the Bowline in times where the knot is to be used for life support.
Bowline Knot with a Yosimite Tie Off Graphic Yosimite Tie Off Photo