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Here you will find vital information on Tree Climbing & Tree Rigging. Learn how to tie knots, choose the right chainsaw for the job, Ddrt technique, tree health, rope maintenance, gear inspection and so much more! If you don't see information on a topic that you are interested in let us know! Email us at with the title Learning Center Topics and we will get the info that you need. Climb Safe!
2019 Vermeer Seminar Schedule

2019 Vermeer Seminar Schedule

Mark your calendar to join us for a day of expert instruction and demonstrations along with a review of the latest tools and equipment. Certified arborists receive 6.5 ISA and T... read more


Learning Center

Climbing Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for the worst has to do with the inherent nature of trees. A lot of what we sell has a stamp on it, to show how it is rated. A carabiner, for example, has a mark on it that says what its rated tensile strength is when new.


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Chainsaw Safety & Selection

The proper size and type of saw depends on the nature of the work that you are doing. Are you pruning small, or large branches? Are you working from an aerial device, climbing, working from the ground? Are you removing a tree; in sections aloft or...

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Rope splicing is the art of manipulating rope strands to create a semi-permanent joint between two parts, commonly in the form of a fixed eyelet for attaching hardware. The alternative knot-tied eyelet is not only bulkier but reduces the ropes ten...

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Rope Care

Samson has released an excellent article on Rope Selection, Rope Usage and Rope Retirement and can be found here: 

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Tree Climbing

Before climbing a tree, it is imperative that you closely examine your targeted tree for dead hanging branches and other potential hazards!


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