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SHERRILLtree Big Launcher Kit

SHERRILLtree Big Launcher Kit
Item #: 36480
SHERRILLtree Big Launcher Kit (includes Reel/Line, Projectile & Blank Red Loads). The NEW SHERRILLtree Big Launcher is a pistol grip line launcher with a built-in stock. Ideal for sending line into the canopy with precision accuracy all at the pull of a trigger.

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Please read these instructions carefully before purchasing/using the SHERRILLtree Big Launcher.

The Big Launcher uses a blank cartridge to launch specifically designed line launcher projectiles into the canopy to desired distances.

This New Line Launcher is the most versatile and compact line launcher in the world.

With the combination of a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and aerodynamic projectile which allows for a very precise placement of the line every time.

The stock on the Big Launcher has been engineered to separate into two pieces for ideal storage and portability.

The Big Launcher has been proven to save time & money on the job sites when trying to set those tricky lines.

The Big Launcher can eliminate all the large line setting equipment that you have to use today.

Uses .22 caliber blank power charges, only red charges included. Choose your power charge based on the distance you wish to launch the projectile. Use only those charges intended for the Big Launcher (shop now).
• Light Green Load - Distance of approximately 50’+
• Heavy Red Load - Distance of approximately 125’+
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 4.35 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand SHERRILLtree
Color Black
UPC Code 850120003517

Customer Reviews

I’d recommend but... Review by JMaC
The launcher definitely has the ability to reach higher points than any other product on market, however it may cause a headache in the process. It’s a nightmare reeling in line after discharging projectile. The alternate foam projectile is more round and much more forgiving in regards possible damage but it’s too tight s fit and didn’t leave the barrel. Also a piece of the mechanism that holds the bottle to the launcher broke and it doesn’t appear as though I can get a replacement part. All that being said I’d still recommend it because it will get you a higher point than anything else. (Posted on 7/7/2019)