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Teufelberger KMIII Static Climbing Rope 7/16in

Teufelberger KMIII Static Climbing Rope 7/16in
Item #: KM716
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11.1mm. 6.2 pounds per 100ft.

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This popular New England version of SHERRILLtree’s Snakebite utilizes a balanced construction of continuous filament polyester cover braided over a unidirectional (non-woven/parallel) nylon core, which provides single rope technique (SRT) climbers or rappelers with a very low-stretch line. Low stretch lines deliver a firmer response to ascending with various rope walking or foot-locking methods, because with each stride the climber doesn’t experience the sag or bounce that tends to extract energy from efficient advancement.

However, this line DOES NOT make for a good doubled rope technique (DdRT) product because of the stiffening effect that results when repeatedly milking the cover end-to-end with a climbing hitch. That type of action can alter the relationship between the core and the cover, which can, over time, result in a very wiry line. For doubled rope techniques climbing (DdRT) or utilizing a Singing Tree Rope Wrench, we strongly recommend arborist grade climbing lines like Poison Ivy or a similar line.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 6.20 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Teufelberger
Tensile Strength 7,900 lbs (35kN)
Custom Text 43