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CMI Foot Ascender Left

CMI Foot Ascender Left
Item #: 31913L
Milled from a solid aluminum block like many CMI products. 
For lines 9-16mm

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Never one to let a good opportunity pass, CMI has stepped up to bat with their version of a rope-pedaling foot ascender. Although a bit bulkier than the competitive brand, CMI ascenders come left- and right-footed and include a lock-closed mechanism. That means the rope stays in place remains captive unless it is released manually. It can also be held in an open position for easy loading of rope. Anodized aluminum body, Kevlar straps, lifetime cam guarantee. For ropes 9 to 16 mm (each weighs 320 g).
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 0.76 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand CMI
Color Blue
Meets ANSI Standards Yes
UPC Code 000194358031

Customer Reviews

Great ascender yet larger than most Review by Mark a bee tuna!
I have used the cmi foot ascender for about 4 years. It is very rugged and the rope never pops out. It is larger then most and tends to be an issue in smaller trees or tighter crotches. The straps will wear out before the actual ascender. I have gone thru 3. (Posted on 1/31/2017)
The CMI left foot ascender is a reliable device, versatile on a variety of rope diameters, including 1/2" -- and securely holds the rope w/out the inadvertent release the Petzl Pantin can be prone to. Review by RW
Been happy w/ my CMI right foot ascender, so I figured I'd give my right leg a respite occasionally by trying out a left foot ascender, which is of equally exceptional quality. Like the right ascender, the left works well w/ 12-13 mm (1/2") rope -- and lesser diameters, too.

SHERRILLtree Response: Thank you for your review, RW. Your t-shirt was sent 10/13/16. Thanks again! (Posted on 10/9/2016)