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Climbing Gear & Kits

Climbing Gear & Kits

Tree climbing gear & Tree Climbing Kits for the professional committed to treecare. SherrillTree, the source for the finest pro selection of climbing equipment for tree climbers. If you’re a professional or learning tree climber, we have top-quality affordable climbing gear for your tree climbing needs, at the lowest price anywhere. Browse for Ropes, Rope Bags, Safety Saddles and Harnesses, Tree Spikes and Tree Climbing Spurs, Throw Lines and Weights, Connectors, Pulleys, Ascenders and Descenders, Arborist Tree Climbing Kits, Arborist Clothing, and Arborist Training Books and Videos and other tree climbing gear.

Tree Climbing Ropes

Tree climbing rope to meet all climbing skills and budgets. At SherrillTree, you'll find the largest selection of arborist quality tree climbing rope to get the job done quickly and safely. Our selection includes the most popular lines of tree rope designed especially for the tree care industry and feature selections such as Poison Ivy, Lava, XTC by Yale Cordage and more. We also carry tree ropes by Samson rope, New England ropes, Sterling rope and others. When it comes to professional tree climbing line, look no further than SherrillTree rope.

Throw Line and BIG SHOT®

Throwlines allow placement of working and climbing lines in locations otherwise impossibly out of reach. Choose from SherrillTree's huge selection of throwline gear including the popular BIG SHOT®. Sherrilltree has the best selection of throw lines, throw weights and accessories including the ever popular Samson Zing-it Throwline.

Rope & Gear Storage

SherrillTree's rope storage bags will keep you organized so you can spend less time looking for gear and untangling rope at your job site and more time making money. Our line of tool bags and throw line storage bags will help you keep that competitive edge. Make sure to check out SherrillTree’s own RopeBoss™ selection of rope bags and throw line storage bags – the ultimate in utility-grade bags for the working pro. Find the best selection of quality rope storage bags at SherrillTree.

Tree Harnesses / Saddles

Whether looking to replace an old tree climbing saddle or fall arrest harness, or perhaps accessories to bring old tree climbing harnesses up to safety standards, you'll find all the very latest at SherrillTree. You can purchase with confidence knowing that SherrillTree carries the only the best and safest tree climbing and fall arrest harnesses you can find including SherrillTree's own Tree Climbing Saddle, and Saddles from Buckingham, Petzl, Weaver and more. Shop SherrillTree for tree safety harnesses!

Carabiners, Snaps & Connectors

Check out SherrillTree's selection of arborist quality rope connectors in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and functions from only the best in the business. SherrillTree carries every type of rope connector available - Carabiners, Snaps, Links, Clevises,Thimbles, Swiveling Connectors, Arborist Rings, Braking Devices and Rigging Plates – all at the lowest prices anywhere!

Pulleys & Blocks

When you work in the tree care industry you know the importance of having quality climbing pulleys and blocks. SherrillTree's selection of climbing pulleys and blocks for climbing, rigging, mechanical advantage and other rope-related tasks is second to none in the professional tree care industry. Choose from our large selection of climbing pulley's and blocks, mechanical advantage kits, micro mini pulleys, trolley pulleys, single sheave and multi sheave pulleys, and tailboard backs; all designed with safely and longevity in mind.

Tree Climbing Spliced Split Tails

A Split Tail is a crucial element in tree climbing and is used to form a bridge from the climber’s saddle to the running end of the rope. There the split tail is tied off with a suitable friction hitch. The quality of a split tail is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of the climber. SherrillTree only carries the highest quality Grizzly and hand spliced split tails.

Tree Climbing Mechanical Split Tails

Experience the ultimate in friction control with this all-in-one ascender / descender for doubled rope.

Rope Climbing Ascenders / Descenders

Rope climbing ascenders and descenders utilize mechanical means to grab rope in one direction while allowing free passage in the other.  The Arborist rigging applications for pro quality ascenders and descenders are many.  SherrillTree carries rope climbing ascenders and descenders from Petzl, CMI and more.

Tree Climbing Spikes, Spurs & Pads

Whether you call them tree climbing spikes, climbing spurs or tree gaffs, our spikes are designed to attach to your boots in order to help you dig in & maintain stability when climbing trees. SherrillTree carries a wide variety of climbing spikes in steel, aluminum, titanium & carbon fiber as well as complete climbing sets, pads and accessories, & climbers without pads. Our spikes are perfect for arborists & utility linemen. We carry everything from our exclusive Gecko Ultra Light Climbing Spurs to Klein Adjustable Tree Climbers, Bashlin aluminum climbers, Climb Right aluminum spikes. Buckingham steel climbing spurs & T2 Titanium Climbers. Along with the climbing gaffs we carry a full line of pads; Big Buck Climber Pads, Triple Thick T-Pads, Buc Pads, Loop & Tunnel Pads, Super Wrap Pads, Steel Shin Cup Pads and Alcoa Spur Pads.

Safety Lanyards

A safety lanyard is a rope that arborists, tree climbers, and other workers use to hold their position temporarily or create a second point of attachment for safety. An essential component of any tree worker’s toolkit, tree lanyards can protect you from falls.

We offer a broad selection of safety lanyards in a number of different configurations and lengths, and safety lanyards can also be used by workers in construction, roofing, and other industries as well. We carry a full line of pro quality lanyards and lanyard accessories for the tree care industry including cut resistant wire core lanyards, non cut resistant lanyards, prusiks, and loop and sewn runners, and 2-in-1 lanyards that make it easier to maneuver around obstacles.

Friction Management Devices

Friction management is important both to protect trees and extend the life of the climbing rope and equipment used by tree care professionals. You will find that SherrillTree's collection of Friction Savers by Caterpillar, ArborMaster, MagBloc, A.R.T. and Teufelberger are the best the industry has to offer. The days of leaving a trail of rope-burned trees and tree-burned ropes is long behind us.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

One of the more overlooked yet most important necessities in the tree care industry is for quality Aborist Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. The personal protective equipment and clothing arena consists of helmets, gloves, clothing, safety glasses and boots specially made to meet the rigorous needs of the industry. Needless to say, you will find the best selection of pro quality Personal Protection Equipment here at SherrillTree.

Tree Climbing Kits

A tree climbing kit is the perfect solution when you are either just starting out or quickly looking to get the basics for a new employee. SherrillTree has various types of tree climbing kits depending upon criteria and specific need such as introductory climbing kits, advanced climbing kits, economy kits and more. We even have a selection of single rope technique (SRT) kits to chose from.

Misc Tree Climbing Gear

Here is where you will find the pro tree climbing equipment that doesn't fit into our other categories. SherrillTree has necessities like throat mics, reach tools, beach rolly seat carts, bandanas and more; all at the lowest guaranteed prices.