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SHERRILLtree Kermeleon Rope 200ft Grizzly Splice 11mm

SHERRILLtree Kermeleon Rope 200ft Grizzly Splice 11mm
Item #: KERN-200-GS

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200ft Grizzly Splice

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Yale Kernmaster is a climbing line evolved. Taking the best properties of a kernmantle rope and crossing them with the toughness and unique properties of a tree climbing rope, Yale Cordage has created a tough, dependable, performance-enhanced line that tree climbers will love. Kermeleon is the SherrillTree exclusive color of Kernmaster, combining hi-vis orange and blue, with hi-vis green peaking through, giving this rope a color-changing illusion.

When it comes to rope elongation, “How much?” is only half the equation. “When?” is the other half. Many climbers look at the first number without understanding its relationship to the second.

Think about climbing on a really strong rubber band that has 50% stretch. Most climbers would say no way! But what if that 50% stretch did not happen until the rubber band was loaded to, say, 1,000 lbs? What if it had almost no stretch until it was heavily loaded, like when you slip or fall?

That’s an oversimplification of how Kernmaster works. Relatively static under low loads, it allows the climber to ascend, descend, and work-position without excessive stretch. Now load Kernmaster more than 700 lbs or so—and the core begins to ravel and absorb energy, right when you need it! Voilà! Wait! It gets better! Back to low loads, back to static properties.

Kernmaster combines the performance of a tight woven cover with good hand and roundness, but it protects and absorbs in the event of a fall. Not too bad!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 11.50 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Yale Cordage
Color Kermeleon
Diameter 7/16 in (11 mm)
Strand Count Kernmantle
Elongation 2% @ 540lbs
Material Nylon/Polyester
Tensile Strength 7,100 lbs ( 31.5 kN )
Working Load Limit 710 lbs ( 3.1 kN )
UPC Code 723641205800

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