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Rope Logic's 10 ft Grizzly Splice 2in1 Combo Safety Blue

Rope Logic's 10 ft Grizzly Splice 2in1 Combo Safety Blue
Item #: 31348
10ft with Bee-line Prusik Grizzly Splice

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2 in 1 Lanyard Grizzly Splice® w Bee-line Prusik
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.76 lb.
Brand SHERRILLtree
Meets ANSI Standards Yes

Customer Reviews

Personal Preference Review by Richard A. Price
This actually comes as a surprise for me to see on the market. I custom ordered this product from Sherrill about 2 years or so ago because i got tired of tying the knots to make my own. Seems like they're still following the same specs. It has proven to be my favorite by far between 10-12 feet long enabling the handling of monstrosity trees as well as extreme limb walking during both round over and lateral pruning. Working in utility as well as private i use my old lanyards to perform but hitches with a quick snap and drop all ends to quickly pass tools when near the ground, as well as craning limbs from a bucket.Only thing they need to improve on is to use a tight eye and thimble in the splice. lol feel lucky though guys, my first one I ordered was a custom job costing over a hundred bucks before the rope prices went up, so you are getting a sweet deal. watch out for the plastic coating coming loose on the grizzley splice though, some reason i never trust them when that happens, just a bad gut feeling. (Posted on 5/28/2010)