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Arborist Rope Bags & Tree Rigging Equipment

Arborist Rope Bags & Tree Rigging Equipment

Arborist rigging rope and rigging gear for the professional committed to tree care at SherrillTree. For the demanding rigging rope needs of the seasoned Arborist, SherrillTree is the best source for the finest selection of pro quality rigging rope and equipment, such as rigging rope storage bags, lowering devices, connections, pulleys and blocks, slings, ascenders / descenders, tree climbing spikes, aerial lift accessories, safety equipment and training books and DVDs, from the tree care industry's leading manufacturers, such as SherrillTree, DMM, Petzl, Samson and Yale.

Rigging Ropes

Arborist rigging rope is the literal lifeline for any tree care company. Whether considering rigging forces, rigging systems or rigging hardware, your selection of rigging rope is where it all begins. When choosing the right rigging rope for your tree job and your crew you want the best quality. That's where SherrillTree delivers! Our selection of tree rigging lines feature pro caliber double braided ropes, solid braided ropes, 3 strand ropes, Amsteel synthetic steel rope and more. You will also find the best quality rope splicing tools and sling grade accessory cordage available. Top brand we carry include Samson Rope and Yale Cordage.

Tree Lowering Devices

For the tree care professional finding the proper tree and branch lowering devices to get the job done quickly and safely is imperative! At SherrillTree we take what we do seriously and carry only the best pro quality tree lowering devices at the lowest prices around. Whether you need a complete lowering device system, a Large Portawrap or Medium Portawrap, a gas powered winch or lowering device accessory, we've got it. Winches, Petzl / SherrillTree Tree Pulling Kits, even the Stalpen Tree Jack. We help the tree care professional by providing the best arborist rigging gear for getting heavy wood to the ground under budget and under control!

Rigging Connectors

The finest selection of professional quality rigging carabiners, snaps, connectors and other rigging gear at SherrillTree. Since your safety depends upon it, we only carry the best in rigging connectors.  Choose from Petzl carabiners, ISC, Captive Eye and more as well as a full line of snaps, links, rope and wire thimbles, and rings, swivels and rigging hubs and rigging plates.  As a tree care professional, you're only as strong as the weakest link in your chain, a good reason to shop the strong stuff at SherrillTree.

Rigging Pulleys & Blocks

Rigging pulleys and blocks from SherrillTree; the right rigging gear for the job when there's no compromising on quality.  At SherrillTree you'll find the largest selection of arborist pulleys and tree rigging gear at the best prices around. Choose from our selection of pro grade pulleys and blocks, micro pulleys, mechanical advantage kits, trolley pulleys, tailboard blocks, and multi and single sheave pulleys. SherrillTree rigging pulleys and blocks provide the best mechanical advantage and safety related rigging hardware for rigging professionals in the tree care business.

Tree Rigging Slings

Tree slings, rigging slings and other rigging gear for the tree care professional from SherrillTree.  Whether the need is for rigging poles for heavy crane work or a dependable anchor for setting a block, SherrillTree covers the gamut of super-strong rope slings for the tree care pro. Check out our selection of sling combinations, one eye slings, adjustable slings, eye to eye slings and round slings for the working tree care and tree removal pro. Tuflex, Tenex, Dyneema, Amsteel; these are some of the solid products that we use for our Lifting slings, Whoopie and Loopie slings, Spider Leg slings and sling and block combinations.

Rigging Kits

Rigging kits from SherrillTree are the perfect solution if you are just starting out in the tree care industry or looking to outfit a new crew to your existing business. By selecting the proper rigging items and putting them into a kit SherrillTree can save you time and money as well as taking the guesswork out of the compatibility of rigging parts. Whether you need a slideline rigging kit, lowering rigging kit, knotless rigging kit or a crane sling combo, we've got it. Save time and money with a rigging kit from SherrillTree! Safe rigging!

Tree Spikes & Spurs

Pole and tree climbing spikes in steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber for arborists as well as utility linemen from SherrillTree. In addition to individual tree spikes, spurs and gaffs, we carry complete climber's sets, climbers without pads, & an assortment of tree climbing gaffs, pads, straps & accessories to fit your needs. Gecko ultra light climbing spikes, T2 Titanium pole and tree spikes, Klein steel spikes, Bashlin aluminum climbers, Buckingham spurs, Climb Right spikes. Spurs, gaffs or spikes, you name it, we got it for all your climbing, rigging and utility work needs. Weaver Climber straps & Buckingham Climber straps are our most popular climber accessories & we carry replacement gaffs for top name brands in tree spikes as well; Distel Gecko, Klein, Bashlin & Buckingham.

Aerial Lift Accessories

Aerial lift accessories from SherrillTree to handle the toughest tree rigging situations.  When the job calls for the heavy duty aerial equipment, you can rest easy knowing that we've got you covered. The professional arborist can keep it safe and productive with tools from the one-stop source for professional tree care supplies - SherrillTree. Choose from hydraulic tools and holders, PPE, basket accessories and any other lift accessory you may need for the tree care or tree removal job. This category of tools contains the ever important Klein Fall Arrest Harness and other useful tree care tools such as saws and loppers from ADI.

Safety / PPE

Quality tree safety gear and PPE is an essential part of the working tree care professional's equipment. SherrillTree's selection of protective helmets, work gloves, arborist clothing and safety glasses let your customers know that you care as much about your own crew as you do their property. You will find the best tree safety gear for less at SherrillTree. Personal protective equipment from head to toe. We offer helmets and helmet systems, safety glasses, work gloves, high visibility clothing, chainsaw protective pants, tree climbing pants and Wesco boots and much more.

Misc. Rigging Accessories

When the pros think of tree rigging gear, they think SherrillTree. Find out what working tree care professionals have known for years; if you can't find the rigging gear at SherrillTree you probably don't need it. We've got it all, including tree jacks, tree pulling kits, rope and cable pullers, fiddle block kits and more and at the lowest prices around.