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Gecko® CF Carbon Fiber Tree Climbers 19in Large

Gecko® CF Carbon Fiber Tree Climbers 19in Large
Item #: 30225TL
Large. Tree Gaffs. 19 inches. To determine proper fit, measure, with boots on, from arch to just beneath knob of knee joint.

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Gecko® CF (carbon fiber) Climbers are the world's first ultra-light climbing gaffs that take full advantage of space-age carbon-fiber technology. These light yet strong gaffs are ideal for those who are looking for the ultimate in comfort and productivity. Gecko® designers virtually walked away from the antiquated belief that heavy and bulky is best and created climbing gaffs weighing in at less than half of what wearers are accustomed to. And low weight is not all that's amazing, because by departing the "one-size-fits-all philosophy," Gecko® was able to incorporate the slimmest, calf-conforming upper-pad design ever. The entire stirrup, shank, and upper cuff are of one solid, carbon-fiber unit, topped with a wide, comfortable, and strong Velcro strap holding a breathable and machine-washable calf pad. By melding this sleek design with carbon fiber, Gecko® allows you to climb longer and with less stress than you ever believed possible; the Gecko® climber's deliver excellent value.
Example: A cyclist can confirm that the price for a single carbon-fiber bicycle rim exceeds $500-and often approaches $1,000! To order the correct size, simply measure from your foot arch to the base of your knee and get ready to receive one of your best work investments since breathable underwear! (Meets American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM] standards)
**Please Note: Weight limit on all Gecko® gaffs is 240 pounds WITH GEAR!!**
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 3.70 lb.
Final Sale Item No
Brand Gecko
Color Black
Length 2.9 in
Height of the shank 19"
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MPN 30225L/15106
UPC Code 850120003630

Customer Reviews

most comfortable ever Review by Jason Salomone
Don't let the price scare you off ! I wear my bosses at work and compared to my personal Buckinghams it is incredible how comfortable and light they are. You forgot you have them on they are so light. My boss and I wear them with 16" boots and even after 8 hrs there is not even any discomfort in the shins ! Try that with any other spurs. (Posted on 12/8/2014)
mmm Review by treeguydavid
nice but velcro s**ks (Posted on 5/6/2009)