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Wood Cutting & Tree Trimming Equipment

Wood Cutting & Tree Trimming Equipment

Wood Cutting & Tree Trimming Equipment -Whether the job is big or small, SherrillTree has the right wood and tree cutting tools and saws to get the job done. Select from the top wood cutting tools in the world for maintaining living wood or felling takedowns. Choose from our line of Silky Saws, pole pruners and pole saws, hand saws, wood working saws, loppers and pruners, and other styles of tree pruning and cutting saws. We also carry Husquvarna chain saws and several models of ADI hydraulic chainsaws and loppers-all at the lowest prices around. We’re so confident that we offer a 150% price guarantee. If you’re looking for tree trimming tools or wood cutting tools, we have everything you need for sale right here.

Silky Saws

Considered the finest pruning cutlery in the world, Silky of Japan offers professionals a wide selection of high-quality saws, each with it's own unique protective scabbard. Tree Trimming Saws, Folding Saws, Hand Saws, Pole Saws and Wood Working Saws, Silky has what you are looking for.

Gas Powered Wood Cutting Equipment

SherrillTree is your one-stop shop for Gas Powered Wood Cutting Equipment. Large selection of Husqvarna Chainsaws and Replacement parts. SherrillTree also stocks a selection of the ECHO line from the CS Series Chainsaw line to the Gas Powered Drill EDR-210. SherrillTree your number 1 storefront for arborist industry.

Wood Cutting Hand Saws

Handsaws are for a range of uses, from general tree pruning and storm clean up to wood working and carpentry. Clear advantages hand saws have over chainsaws or power saws are they don’t require fuel or electricity and are lighter and less expensive. Handsaws with large teeth are preferable for a faster more aggressive cut, and saws with smaller teeth are used for finer wood work. Our straight blade and woodworking saws are excellent alternatives to panel saws and our hand saws cut on the pull stroke for efficiency and control. Whether you’re looking for a handsaw for light tree pruning, heavy-duty tree work, or wood working, we’ve got the right saw for you at the best price on the market, guaranteed. We carry curved and straight blade saws as well as folding saws. From fast-cutting tooth designs to conventional set-tooth resharpenables, SherrillTree has the right handsaw for professional and recreational users. Handsaws brands from Silky, Fanno, Corona, Thresher and ARS.

Hand Saw and Scabbard Combos

Browse our selection of Saw and Scabbard combos. Some SherrillTree has put together for your match made in heaven pleasure, others simply come this way. You're sure to find a saw and scabbard combo to fit your need. We've also got replacement saw scabbards should that be what you are looking for.

Hand Saw Scabbards

Scabbards extend the life of you saw as well as protect both you and your equipment from unintentional nicks and slices. Whether you are in need a scabbard for a new saw, or just replacing an old worn out scabbard, SherrillTree can help. Check out our selection today!

Hand Saw Blades

Remember the ease with which that freshly delivered saw cut through hard wood? Well prepare for a refresher.

Hand Shears & Handled Loppers

Searching out your next hip-side partner? Look no further than SherrillTree for top brands like Felco, ARS, Corona, Löwe and more...

Handled Loppers

Yes loppers, or as some like to say - loopers. Anyway you cut it, well, you'll cut it with the best in the business from names like ARS, Corona, Hickok and Lowe

Hydraulic Powered

If you're into oil-powered wood munching tools on the end of sticks then welcome home! Here you will find the best selection of hydraulic powered loppers, saws and accessories anywhere.

Pole Pruners / Saws

Need to extend your cutting reach? Well extend it right here to find the highest in both altitude as well as quality but without the price. SherrillTree offers pole-mounted saws for reaching from low to about as high as humanly possible with famous brand names like Silky, Jameson, Fanno, ARS and more...

Axes, Sledgehammers & Machetes

...and digging and swinging, doesn't that just sound grubby. If you've got a log to split, debris to gather or root to grub we've got the tool for you.

Löwe Pruners & Loppers

In 1923 the founder of Löwe (meaning lion) invented the anvil style cutting shear (blade contacts soft anvil), a cutting method experiencing revived popularity for it’s efficiency, power and low maintenance. Once bulky, modern metals and casting methods have greatly streamlined this pruner into a true cutting marvel. No longer the only maker of anvil pruners globally, Löwe of Germany clearly remains the leader in quality and precision. Of the three types of pruning shears (anvil, bypass and parrot-beak) the Löwe plant-friendly anvil method cuts most efficiently, even with a dulling blade! Like cutting carrots on a board, the knife of a Löwe anvil pruner snaps through wood without twisting or side torsion, unlike the bypass pruner’s scissor-action which, even when razor sharp transfers side stress directly to the tools axle. Beyond sharpening and occasional lubrication, Löwe’s high-quality pruners are extremely low maintenance and with all parts easily replaceable.

Wood Working Saws

Silky offers the ultimate professional woodworking and carpentry saws for both the professional and hobbyist. Laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and incredibly long service life are the hallmark of all Silky woodworking saws. All saws use unique alloy steel engineered and produced exclusively for Silky Saws.

All Silky woodworking saws feature laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and incredibly long service life. Ergonomically designed handles ensure precise cuts every time. Rubber compound elastomer handles either inserted or vulcanized to ABS plastic or steel are comfortable to hold, reduce vibration and offer superior grip when hands are wet or cold and when wearing gloves.