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Recreational Tree Climbing Training

Recreational Tree Climbing Training

Welcome to our Recreational Tree Climbing section, your online destination for quality tree climbing gear, tips and info about this exciting adventure sport.

As enthusiasts of Recreational Tree Climbing (RTC), we all share a genuine love for the outdoors and especially trees. RTC is fun, widely accessible, safe to trees and people, and most importantly, a unique gateway into nature. To those yet to have experienced this new climbing adventure, prepare yourself for the ultimate awakening!

Recreational Tree Climbing (RTC) is fun, widely accessible, and with proper training it can be safe to trees and people.

Use the links below to discover the excitement and intrigue of tree climbing by learning some simple rope-assisted climbing techniques from an experienced trainer in your area!

Tree Climbers International (TCI) (Georgia) (Japan) (Colorado) (Taiwan) (Mississippi) (Georgia) (Massachusetts)

Other instructional resources not associated with TCI: (North Carolina) (North Carolina) (Michigan, non-profit) (Oregon) (Georgia) (Georgia) (Georgia) (Florida) (Florida) (Michigan) (Iowa) (Ohio & Kentucky) (Georgia) (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom) (Italy) & Denmark) (Germany) (Holland) (Singapore) (Australia) (Missouri & Illinois)