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Tree Tools / Saws

Tree Tools / Saws

Even the most educated Arborist is dependent upon the proper tree care tools to complete his or her tree job. As a working Arborist you realize the importance of having the best quality tree care tools and equipment to get the job done right, yet as a business person in the tree care industry you know the importance of getting it at the best price. SherrillTree prides itself on stocking the best quality tree care tools and equipment at the guaranteed lowest prices. Whether you are looking for wood cutting tools, log and leaf moving equipment, ladders, chainsaw accessories, chipper and stumper parts or some other hard to find accessory, you will find the professional tools and saws of the tree care trade at SherrillTree!

Wood Cutting & Tree Trimming Equipment

Wood Cutting & Tree Trimming Equipment -Whether the job is big or small, SherrillTree has the right wood and tree cutting tools and saws to get the job done. Select from the top wood cutting tools in the world for maintaining living wood or felling takedowns. Choose from our line of Silky Saws, pole pruners and pole saws, hand saws, wood working saws, loppers and pruners, and other styles of tree pruning and cutting saws. We also carry Husquvarna chain saws and several models of ADI hydraulic chainsaws and loppers-all at the lowest prices around. We’re so confident that we offer a 150% price guarantee. If you’re looking for tree trimming tools or wood cutting tools, we have everything you need for sale right here.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Whether you’re looking for a gas, electric, or pole chain saw for cutting wood, we have chainsaws with the right combination of size and strength for you with features such as antivibration and quick start in several of our Husqvarna chain saw models. We are proud to offer dependable, top quality chainsaws at the lowest prices on the market, guaranteed.

Chainsaws & Accessories

Outfit your chainsaw with the latest cutting edge accessories by browsing the items on this page. Whether you’re looking to ensure a safe tree climb or just trying to keep your chainsaw in great condition, Sherrilltree offers products to meet just about any need. A few of our many chainsaw accessories include climbing lanyard, chainsaw sharpener products, logger stumps, chainsaw parts, and more. Choose from Oregon chains, chainsaw bars, chain and bar combinations, chainsaw sprockets, chain saw lubricants and more at the lowest prices around. Use our easy to navigate Chain and Bar Selector. If you’re looking for a chainsaw, check out our top-of-the-line selection of Husqvarna chainsaws.

Log Moving Tools

Effective, efficient work-site clean up is often the denominator between success and failure for both the client and the tree service.  Get it done right with these top quality log and leaf moving tools. At SherrillTree you will find log movers, rakes, shovels, picks and felling wedges designed to hold up to the rigorous demands of the tree care industry. Peavey, log dolly, cant hook, skidding tongs, you name it and Sherrill Tree has it.

Landscaping Tools

Landscaping tools; SherrillTree carries a number of standard and unique products for this industry that is closely related to tree care. Our landscape customers appreciate our new tree pruning kits and basic safety kits. Everything to work 'from the ground' is here, from Silky saws to Lowe and Felco pruners to Marvin, Corona and Jameson pruner sets. We also carry the FULL LINE of ARBORjet.

Trimmers & Blowers

String trimmers with power, durability and versatility for owners as well as the seasoned professionals who want to keep lawns free of unwanted grass and weeds. Low weight makes these tools extremely flexible. Gas powered trimmers that are designed for low noise. Shop SHERRILLtree's line of trimmers for all of your landscaping needs.


SHERRILLtree has a complete selection of Corona Rakes for the Arborist and Landscaping markets.

Shovels, Spades & Post Diggers

Find all of your shovel, spade and post digger needs here at SHERRILLtree. We offer a variety of high quality digging tools. We cover everyone from the landscaping professional to the weekend fence builder. Shop for dirt moving tools and other gardening tools.

Handy Garden Tools

SHERRILLtree has a complete selection of Hand Tools from Corona, ideal for the Arborist and Landscaping markets.

Tree Measuring Tools

How far, how tall, equate to how much tree work you need to do.  Measure accurately and bid accurately.  These rugged measuring instruments will help you do both. SherrillTree has you covered with both electronic laser measuring devices as well as tried and true heavy duty tape measures.

Chipper and Stumper Parts

Peak performance from your company's wood chippers and stumper grinders is key to running an efficient tree removal business. SherrillTree supplies many of America's top tree removal service companies with the best cutting-related chipper and stumper replacement parts money can buy. Brush chipper blades, anvils, stump grinder teeth, pockets and bolts galore, all right here for less. Use our easy to navigate Chipper Knife Selector.

Misc Wood Cutting Gear

SherrillTree takes pride in stocking every wood cutting tool and accessory the working tree care pro may need; even the hard to find items. Check out our selection of felling wedges, Piranha knives by Trango, Mingo firewood marker and accessories, tree jacks, soil probes and more - all at the lowest prices.