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Throw Line and BIG SHOT®

Throw Line and BIG SHOT®

Throwlines allow placement of working and climbing lines in locations otherwise impossibly out of reach. Choose from SherrillTree's huge selection of throwline gear including the popular BIG SHOT®. Sherrilltree has the best selection of throw lines, throw weights and accessories including the ever popular Samson Zing-it Throwline.

BIG SHOT® Line Launcher

BIG SHOT® sling shot -  Invented and patented by SherrillTree in 1998, the BIG SHOT® line launcher provides climbers of many disciplines a unique tool for gaining access to previously difficult to reach anchor points for rope assisted climbing and rigging. The BIG SHOT® sling shot is now considered the must have line launcher by tree care professionals as well as many fire and rescue operations, aerial rescue, and utility related companies. Order your BIG SHOT® line launcher and BIG SHOT® parts today!

Lines and Weight Combos

Here you will find the most popular line and weight combinations at the best prices in the land. Our many years of experience in professional tree climbing give SherrillTree the expertise to put together the perfect line and weight combos and kits for every situation.

Throw Lines

Choose high-strength throw line when there are few worries about entanglement or to snag/remove dead branches, or choose lower-strengththrow line when you might need to break it to save it. Whatever the situation, SherrillTree has the best selection of throw lines for the job at the guaranteed lowest price. Check out our line of Neon 3 throwline by SherrillTree and Zing-it throwline from Samson!

Throw Weights

Tied to thread-sized line these specially formulated throw line weights can position climbing, rigging or rescue lines in places only birds were meant to roost. From the brightly colored Neo throw weight to the 16oz ‘Johnny Ball’ throw weight SherrillTree has the right throw weight for every job at the lowest guaranteed price.

Throw Line Storage Bags

Rugged and functional, SherrillTree’s line of throw line storage bags will keep you organized and protect your investment. Make sure to check out Buckingham built line of throw line storage bags as well as our selection of small, medium and large throwline storage bags.