Rope Storage

Rope Storage

In a profession as gear intensive as tree care, the appropriate rope storage bag can mean the difference in arriving ready to rumble, or ready to tumble. Time is money, and SherrillTree's selection of professional caliber rope storage bags will save you both as well as extend the life of your rigging lines. Check out our own line of rugged RopeBoss line storage bags, as well as other popular lines of rope and tool storage and throwline storage. Rope Boss Line Luggage, mesh tool bags, gear packs, canvas tool bags, Metolius Haul Packs, throwline bags and cubes, we've got your selection.

RopeBoss® Line Luggage

Conceived and designed by SherrillTree with input from a host of professional rope workers, the RopeBoss® line of utility-grade luggage is now the Leader of the Packs.

Other Rope and Tool Storage

What's the difference in organized and disorganized saws and spurs bouncing around in your truck bed? About a thousand nicks and scratches. Sack it bro!

Throwline Storage

If you've never experienced the quality of a good throwline container then click here, if you have, then welcome back!