Silky Saws

Silky Saws

Considered the finest pruning cutlery in the world, Silky of Japan offers professionals a wide selection of high-quality saws, each with it's own unique protective scabbard. Tree Trimming Saws, Folding Saws, Hand Saws, Pole Saws and Wood Working Saws, Silky has what you are looking for.

Silky Hand Saws

Silky handsaws come in several shapes and sizes to fit the needs of professional arborists, landscapers and gardeners as well as outdoor enthusiasts, campers and hunters. Choose from aggressively cutting curved blades or the more precise-cutting straight blade saws. Be aware of tooth size as this feature varies within saw models – fine teeth for smaller and delicate cutting chores, large teeth for fast cutting of larger wood. All Silky non-folding (and several folding) saws come with their own specially designed blade covering scabbard/holster for protection of blade and user.

Silky Pole Saws

The professional’s pole saw of choice, Silky Saws are bestsellers for a reason. Manufactured with top quality steel in Japan since 1919, Silky Saws feature lightweight bodies, aggressive cutting ability, and ease of use. We are proud to offer an extensive list of Silky pole saws in a wide range of sizes and models for any use. An indispensable part of any forestry worker’s arsenal, Silky pole saws offer an easy and convenient way to do a wide variety of tree work. We also offer Silky pole saw parts and replacement blades.

Blades & Parts

Silky brand replacement parts for the worlds fastest cutting saws.

Silky Wood Working Saws

Silky offers the ultimate professional woodworking and carpentry saws for both the professional and hobbyist. Laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and long service life are the hallmark of all Silky woodworking saws. All saws use unique alloy steel engineered and produced exclusively for Silky Saws.

All Silky woodworking saws feature laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and incredibly long service life. Ergonomically designed handles ensure precise cuts every time. Rubber compound elastomer handles either inserted or vulcanized to ABS plastic or steel are comfortable to hold, reduce vibration and offer superior grip when hands are wet or cold and when wearing gloves.

Silky Choppers

When you just need a heavy piece of steel to get the job done!