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Safety Lanyards

Safety Lanyards

A safety lanyard is a rope that arborists, tree climbers, and other workers use to hold their position temporarily or create a second point of attachment for safety. An essential component of any tree worker’s toolkit, tree lanyards can protect you from falls.

We offer a broad selection of safety lanyards in a number of different configurations and lengths, and safety lanyards can also be used by workers in construction, roofing, and other industries as well. We carry a full line of pro quality lanyards and lanyard accessories for the tree care industry including cut resistant wire core lanyards, non cut resistant lanyards, prusiks, and loop and sewn runners, and 2-in-1 lanyards that make it easier to maneuver around obstacles.

Wirecore Fliplines & Wirecore Lanyards

With a single snap for the working end, these wire core flip lines really "flip" when moving up and down a spar or out a lead or branch. Choose complete flipline system combos or fliplines only. Most effective adjustment method here: a flipline hitch or rope grab device.

2 in 1 Rope Lanyards

As the 2 in 1 name implies, these lanyards utilize both ends to allow a double lanyard tie in or a "flip-flop" advance up a tree or out a limb.

1 End Rope Lanyards

A working end and a termination end defines the 1 end lanyard. Functional and popular. Always make sure the running end has a termination so the host line will not slip through the adjuster.

Prusiks & Lanyard Adjusters

Includes hand-spliced prusiks by SherrillTree with and without connecting hardware, as well as premium prusik cordage.

Loop and Sewn Runners

Not a safety lanyard per se but often used to secure a firm foot position or the like where none exists.

Other Lanyards

Not your ordinary climber?  Don't like all the frills, just want equipment to get the job done? Find the lanyard you're looking for here.