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Safety / Clothing

Safety / Clothing

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the only way to go when working with trees and tree care equipment. Personal Protective Equipment can often make the difference between a good day on the job or disaster. SherrillTree carries the pro quality PPE like helmets, gloves and arm chaps, safety vests, signs and flags, tree climbing pants and even skin protection designed especially for the tree care professional.

Work & Safety Helmets & Hard Hats

Probably the most important piece of safety equipment for arborists and workers in many other industries, a high quality helmet or hard hat is essential for protecting the most important part of your body from falls, falling objects, and more. Helmets are designed to protect all sides of your head, whereas hard hats protect from falling objects above. We offer a first-rate selection of helmets and hardhats designed for fit and comfort from the most trusted names in protective gear, including Kask, 3M, Rockman and Petzl, at the guaranteed lowest price!

Gloves & Arm Chaps

Gloves are an integral accessory for any arborist, chainsaw owner or operator, providing a number of essential benefits including protection against the elements, enhanced grip, and added protection in the event of an accident with your chainsaw. Some of the products featured on this page include chainsaw chaps for arms, rope climbing gloves, arborist gloves, and glove dryers for removing perspiration and maintaining the sanitation of your equipment. SherrillTree has the perfect selection of arm chaps and protective gloves to keep you safe.

Tree Care Safety Glasses

Invest in your safety with one of the many eye protection products on this page. The safety glasses featured by Sherrilltree provide maximum protection while also maintaining superior comfort, and are suited for use by both casual and professional chainsaw operators. Some of their many advanced features include UV ray protection, steel mesh lenses, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and anti-fog technology. A wide assortment of styles and colors ensures that -- whatever your tastes -- Sherrilltree will have you covered.

Featuring the NEW NOTCH glasses. In five innovative models, these safety glasses offer the latest in comfort and design. ANSI Certified.

Safety Vests and Shirts

The proper safety equipment can prevent accidents on the job site. Protecting yourself is not just about the proper helmet or PPE ( personal protective equipment ), but making sure you are seen. SherrillTree has a great selection of quality high visibility shirts, safety vests and hi-viz raincoats to keep you out of harms way.

Ear Protection

Experience your chainsaw in comfort while also protecting the integrity of your hearing with these superior ear protection products. Our many ear plugs and ear muffs are designed specifically for use with chainsaws, offering a number of features such as coloring for added visibility, flexible design, and stainless steel construction for maximum endurance. If you want both protection and comfort, Sherrilltree offers the ear protection products to suit your needs.

Tree Climbing Shoes

You asked and SherrillTree listened. We now offer the rugged line of Wesco tree climbing shoes and boots. Working tree care professionals know that a cheap pair of work shoes isn't going to cut it, so we've got the line of Wesco Jobmaster boots and Highliner boots just for you. Need boot laces or a Maxx Dry boot dryer? We've got that too.

Chainsaw Protected Clothing

Chainsaw protected clothing and safety pants  from the world's top manufacturers. When you work with a chainsaw on a daily basis, you know how important wearing the right protective clothing is. Protect yourself in style with our selection of chainsaw jamming chaps, chainsaw rain jacket or Husqvarna chainsaw pants.

Non Chainsaw Protected Clothing

Tree work is not your ordinary job, so don't wear ordinary pants. Meet the unique demands of tree climbing with these non-chainsaw protective pants that will keep you both in comfort and protected from the rigors of the job. SherrillTree has a selection of SIP progress climbing pants, Stretch-Air climbing pants and the always popular Arborwear canopy pants.

T Shirts

We at Sherrilltree recognize that working outdoors is a way of life, and therefore offer a wide selection of t-shirts to help you embody that lifestyle in the clothes you wear. Choose from a stylish assortment of the finest quality cotton t-shirts from some of the industry’s leading brands, including Poison Ivy, Lava and Snakebite. There are also several designs by Sherilltree’s own Tobe Sherill, available exclusively on our website.

Arborwear Apparel

Whether you’re a professional or recreational tree worker, you can find all the arborwear you need right here at SherrillTree, from pants to sweatshirts and jackets. We are proud to offer durable top quality outdoor and tree climbing clothes at the lowest prices in the industry. If you’re looking to buy a long-lasting arborwear jacket, pants, sweatshirt, vest, belt, or other arbor wear clothing, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Tree Work Signage & Flags

Tree work ahead. You cannot rely on pedestrians and traffic to figure out the aspects of tree care safety, as it relates to them, on their own.  Direct and ward all types of traffic with high visibility, easy to understand, tree work signage and flags. SherrillTree has a wide assortment of tree work signs, stop / slow signs, safety cones, traffic flags and more.

First Aid / Skin Protection

You do it all right yet you still get those annoying nicks and scrapes. Fix them fast and protect your skin from the sun and poisonous plants with First-Aid and Skin Protection products from Sherrilltree. In addition to the basic first aid products we've got a specially made loggers first aid kit that is perfect for a 10 man crew and meets ANSI requirements too.

Petzl Helmets

Helmets are a crucial piece of safety equipment for tree work. They protect the head against falling limbs and against impacts with fixed objects - if the climber's head strikes the tree during a fall, for example. Petzl reflects over 30 years of helmet development and innovation. Petzl safety helmets offer essential protection for climbing at height and meet the EN, UIAA and ANZI ( not the Elios ) safety standards. Comfort is assured by simple, quick, often one-handed, ‘while-wearing-it' adjustability and maximum ventilation. Low-profile buckles located off the side, not under the chin; soft, comfortable webbing straps and integrated headlamp clips are just a few of the other indications of Petzl's innovation and meticulous design.

Kask Safety Helmets

The leader in arborist safety helmets, Kask offers safety and comfort at a great price. Available in a variety of styles and colors, make SherrillTree your #1 stop for everything Kask.

Outerwear Clothing

When the weather turns cold, the tree work and ground work does not stop.  Stay warm, safe and productive with our large selection of thermal wear. Woolpower thermal wear is the choice of Arborists everywhere. SherrillTree carries thermal underwear, shirts, sweaters, balaclavas and more.


SherrillTree is serious about being your one stop shop for everything tree care related, and that goes for PPE ( personal protective equipment )and safety equipment as well. Does it have to do with safety or clothing but doesn't fit neatly in the other categories? The you will find it here. We've got it all including Working Hands creme, Healthy Feet creme, Arborwear belts and more.