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Tree Rigging & Climbing Rope

Tree Rigging & Climbing Rope

High quality and duty specific synthetic lines are a fundamental tool to working arborists. When you work with trees for a living you know just any climbing rope won't do. SherrillTree stocks popular brands of tree climbing rope and cordage from the worlds most dependable manufacturers including New England, Yale Cordage, Sterling and Samson rope companies.

Tree Climbing Ropes

Select from a range of tree climbing ropes; Samson Rope, New England Ropes, Yale Cordage and Sterling Rope. At SherrillTree we pride ourselves on carrying the best quality tree climbing line. Choose from our selection of Yale Cordage Poison Ivy, Yale XTC 16 strand or Pro Series as well as best sellers from Samson such as Arbormaster, True Blue, and more. We also stock New England's popular Lava ( tachyon ) rope, static kernmantle, splicing tools and accessory cordage. We are the rope authority!

Tree Rigging Lines

Tree rigging rope is the literal life line for any tree care company or arborist. Every tree care professional knows that having the proper rigging line is essential to get the job done right. Fortunately, SherrillTree knows the importance of quality tree rigging line, and we have rigging rope at the best price guaranteed. Check out our selection of double braid rigging lines, 3 stand ropes, solid braided ropes, accessory cordage and rigging line splicing tools.Yale Cordage, Samson Rope and New England Ropes. We carry the best tree rigging ropes in the tree care industry.


Invented and patented by SherrillTree in 1998, the BIG SHOT® line launcher provides climbers of many disciplines a unique tool for gaining access to previously difficult to reach anchor points for rope assisted climbing and rigging. The BIG SHOT® is now considered a must have tool by tree care professionals as well as many fire and rescue operations, aerial rescue, and utility related companies.

Throwline & Throw Weights

A throwline allows placement of working, rigging or climbing ropes into locations otherwise impossibly out of reach. Here you will find our outstanding selection of throwlines and line launching gear like the popular Samson Zing-it, line and throw weight combos, throwlines, throw weights and throwline storage bags to organize it all.

Rigging & Climbing Accessory Cordages

SherrillTree is the place to go for your accessory cordage needs. Choose from a wide variety of materials, diameters and knot-ability from all the most popular manufacturers. Our selection includes cordage for climbing as well as sling grade cordage. Beeline, Tech Cord, Ocean accessory cord, prusik cords, maxim, the list of accessory cords is a long one at SherrillTree.

Rope Storage

In a profession as gear intensive as tree care, the appropriate rope storage bag can mean the difference in arriving ready to rumble, or ready to tumble. Time is money, and SherrillTree's selection of professional caliber rope storage bags will save you both as well as extend the life of your rigging lines. Check out our own line of rugged RopeBoss line storage bags, as well as other popular lines of rope and tool storage and throwline storage. Rope Boss Line Luggage, mesh tool bags, gear packs, canvas tool bags, Metolius Haul Packs, throwline bags and cubes, we've got your selection.

Rope Tools & Accessories

At SherrillTree we strive to carry everything that might be needed by the tree care professional. That not only includes the best selection of the big items like rope and rigging tools, but also the hard to find rope tools and accessories. Here you will find specialty rope pliers, knot cards, cordura tubing, rope timbles, friction savers and much more.

Splicing Tools

Everyone knows that SherrillTree is the rope splicing authority and has the best quality and selection. We also have a great selection of rope splicing tools. If you want to create your own rope splices check out our selection of tools like the Yale Cordage pro splicing kit, aluminum splicing fids, special splicing scissors, toss splicing wands and more. We even have a rope splicing DVD and Samson splicing manual to help you do the job right.

All Tree Rigging & Climbing Rope

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