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Pulleys & Blocks

Pulleys & Blocks

When you work in the tree care industry you know the importance of having quality climbing pulleys and blocks. SherrillTree's selection of climbing pulleys and blocks for climbing, rigging, mechanical advantage and other rope-related tasks is second to none in the professional tree care industry. Choose from our large selection of climbing pulley's and blocks, mechanical advantage kits, micro mini pulleys, trolley pulleys, single sheave and multi sheave pulleys, and tailboard backs; all designed with safely and longevity in mind.

All Pulleys and Blocks

Here are all of our pulleys, blocks and combinations there of. Choose another category if you know your items specific configuration to save shopping time.

Micro (miniature) Pulleys

Choose from our selection of Fixed Plate Pulleys, Micro Twin Pulleys, Micro Pulley Combos, Hitch Climber Pulleys, Micro Prusik Pulleys, Glide Pulleys, Double Micro Block Pulleys and the Micro Mouse Pulley 2i.

Trolley Pulleys

Need to deliver that load down the hill and across a wet ravine? Why not set up a Tyrolean traverse?

Single Sheave Pulleys

Choose from SherrillTree's selection of Tandem Pulleys, Trac Pulleys, Pulley 4" Aluminum Sheaves, Pulley 2.4" Aluminum Sheaves, Pulley 2.37 Sheave, Pulley 2.4" Single Sheaves, Triple Pulleys, Side By Side Double Pulleys, Side By Side Double Pulleys and Mini Traxion Pulleys.