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The SHERRILLtree 150% Best Price Guarantee

Our goal is to always provide you with the best selection of tree gear at the most competitive prices possible.

If you find a lower competitor price anywhere else on the Internet, or in print, on an item with the same MPN (item can be different colors), just show us the lower price when you buy the item at or through one of our loyalty specialists and we'll give you 150% of the price difference!

How does it work?
    How does it work? Well, once we are able to verify the competitor price, we will not only match the competitor but we will beat their price by giving you the price difference plus 50% of that difference. For instance, if we are selling a product for $200 and you find it elsewhere for $180, your price with SHERRILLtree will be $170 (the difference which is $20 + 50% of that difference which equals $10, for a total of $30 OFF our original price). Take a look at the calculation to the right and do the math for yourself to check out what you could be saving! To take advantage of this promotion give us a call at 800-525-8873.

    How to claim the 150% Low Price Guarantee:
    • You will need to provide proof in the form of a screen shot or a live link for the final price of the product. The screen shot must identify the total purchase price including shipping and tax.
    • You can present your proof by calling 800-525-8873. Once you have made the inquiry, our loyalty specialist will provide you a fax number or email to send your low-price-guarantee proof.

    • The item must be the same MPN (item can be different colors).
    • Clearance and closeout items are excluded from this guarantee.
    • Low Price Guarantee does not apply to quotes given by brick and mortar stores.

    Price matching is applicable for products of identical make, model, and by the same manufacturer. Prices must be current and in print (for confirmation purposes). Vermeer retail locations may or may not participate. Apologies, but price matching is not applicable on Special Order items!

    This price guarantee is only applicable to arborist companies doing business in the U.S. and U.S. customers only. Please ensure you discuss this offer or notify us at time of ordering.


Give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you. SherrillTree's Loyalty Specialists are here to take your orders and answer your questions regarding our products and services Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. EST (except on holidays). If you have specific questions about merchandise, please call during working hours. Our after hour calls are handled by Telephone Answering Service of Greensboro.

For your convenience, online orders may be placed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Our website is extremely secure for credit card use. Orders placed before 2 p.m. EST for in stock items will be shipped the same day the order is placed. We will also email you an order confirmation to let you know when you should receive your order. Orders placed after 2 p.m. EST, or on weekends and holidays, may be processed the following business day.

Our updated website makes it easier than ever to shop at SherrillTree. We have added many new features to enhance your shopping experience, including:
• An enhanced search box with drop down terms (start typing and you immediately get product options to click on)
• A shop by brand option
• Left hand navigation with enhanced sorting features including size, color, dollar amounts
• An enhanced checkout page with associated items and other interesting offers
• A new "carousel" on the homepage of popular items (10 items)
• Improved shopping cart features that display the number of items in the cart and the dollar amount

If you have provided SherrillTree with a valid email address, will we send you a series of emails to keep you informed on the status of your order - regardless of whether it was placed on the web or by phone. The first email will confirm receipt of your order, the second will confirm that it was shipped with the appropriate tracking information and the final message will confirm your account has been invoiced.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal payments for online orders. All credit card orders require correct credit card number, expiration date, validation code, name on the card and billing info. In the event of a declined credit card authorization, we will attempt to call you the same day the order is processed. We cannot hold declined credit card orders for more than two days.

Orders for non-stocked items may require a special handling fee of $5.00 (USD), plus freight and payment in advance. Unfortunately since these are non-inventory items, Special Order items are non-refundable and non-returnable. There may be vendor limitations or minimums on quantity or dollar amount. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the order being placed. Please allow a minimum of four weeks for delivery.

SherrillTree works hard to ensure we always have the gear you need in stock. In the rare event an item is temporarily out of stock, our Loyalty Specialists will work hard to make a recommendation for an equivalent item that we have in stock. If you ask us to hold the order and ship it complete, this may delay your order, so please ensure you discuss this decision with our Loyalty Specialist before making this request.

Pesticides shipped to California and Minnesota may be subject to additional state taxes.


Prices, order policies, and product specifications are subject to change without notice at any time. We will do our best to keep you informed of any price changes through our website and email updates.

Spliced goods manufactured by SherrillTree have a measurement tolerance range of + or – 5% for stock spliced products and for custom spliced products. In order to ensure our world class splicing team gets your custom order exactly right, you will be asked to provide specific details and sign-off on your order before it can be made and shipped to you. Thanks for helping us get your order right!


SherrillTree proudly offers our customers free shipping on orders over $99*. If you need to call back and change an existing order, it would be helpful to ask for the same Loyalty Specialist who took the original order. All additions or changes to your original order must be made within one hour of placing the order. Otherwise, shipping could be delayed at least one day, depending on the change. Unfortunately, we cannot ship UPS to a post office (P.O.) box, so please let us know if your shipping address is different from your mailing address.

*Offer is valid in the contiguous U.S. and excludes oversized or heavyweight items.

“Next Day Air” or other special delivery methods require payment in advance (credit card, PayPal, check or money order received prior to shipping) or an open account status. We can no longer accept C.O.D’s on deliveries.

As a global company, SherrillTree ships products all around the world. As you know, shipping rates and local duties, taxes and tariffs vary widely depending on your individual location. For our international customers, we will gladly provide you with a free shipping estimate. Since local regulations change often, please check with your local customs official for the most recent set of shipping regulations.

All additional duties and taxes on international orders must be paid for by the customer. If refused, the customer will be responsible for any duties and/or freight paid by SherrillTree Inc., as well as any “abandoned merchandise” charges.

Sales tax is applied to orders from NC, MI, PA and TN.

HEAVY WEIGHT ITEMS (indicated in the specification tab on item pages),
We have done our best to identify these heavy products like cabling, fertilizer, rope reels, PHC liquids, etc. with an "anvil icon" as they can create higher shipping costs. Exact shipping cost cannot be determined until the weight is totaled and calculated against your shipping zone. For International shipments we will be glad to provide you with a quote on an individual basis, taking into account the final destination, weight and dimensions of your valuable package.

OVERSIZED PACKAGES (indicated in the specification tab on item pages)
Due to UPS and FedEx regulations, the shipping charges for oversized packages (such as poles, elongated power tools) will be higher than normal shipping cost. If you have any questions about these charges and their effect on the costs of your order, please discuss this with one of our SherrillTree Loyalty Specialists when placing your order. If you are placing your order online, please look for the heavy weight or oversized icons beside the product(s) you are ordering to help ensure you are aware that additional shipping charges may be applied.


We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and service. When an order is delivered, it is very important for you to inspect the package(s) for damage before you sign for or open the package(s). A package must be signed for or reported to shipping carrier as “damaged” to process a claim for replacement. In most cases the box (es) must be kept for inspection.

In spite of our best efforts, if you receive incorrect merchandise from our company, please call us within three days of delivery so we can take care of sending you the right product. If the item is different than the item you ordered, SherrillTree will issue you a prepaid shipping label. Once the incorrect merchandise is returned to SherrillTree we will send the correct item to you without any additional shipping costs! If during our research we determine that the item we sent you matches the item you ordered, then shipping costs will be the customers’ responsibility.

Unfortunately, it happens! If you are not satisfied with a product you have purchased from us, please feel free to return it, unused, within 30 days.

Before you return the item, please call one of our SherrillTree Loyalty Specialists at 800-525-8873 to obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and shipping details will be provided. Failure to ship to the correct address may result in additional handling fees up to $50.00.

The RMA number MUST be displayed on the outside of the return shipment. Failure to follow this guideline may result in processing delay. We cannot offer a refund or credit for used items or other non-returnable items such as books, videos, DVD's, CD's, software or special orders. Such items will be destroyed after 30-day period unless sender approves paid return shipping costs.

You are responsible for paying for the return shipping costs and insurance of the shipment. SherrillTree is not responsible for damages incurred or the loss of package during return shipment. If returning the item to SherrillTree, please send to: SherrillTree, 200 Seneca Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406. Upon receipt of the unused item(s), upon completion of the “Returns Process” SherrillTree will provide full credit for the item’s amount (excluding shipping and handling). No returns will be accepted on items after 30 days. Please note that special order and clearance items may not be returned.

*Engine Powered Equipment Return Policy*
Engine powered equipment (i.e. Husqvarna Chainsaws or RopeTek Wraptor etc.) cannot be returned once they have been gassed or oiled due to federal shipping regulations. If the product has been gassed or oiled, it needs to be taken to an authorized service center for repair, which may be covered under warranty. If the product is returned and upon inspection shows signs that gas or oil have been used then no refund will be given and the customer will be notified via telephone. We will return the product to you (customer paid shipping charges apply).

**Warranty Exclusions**
Use of Gasohol (fuel containing Ethanol), Methanol (fuel containing wood alcohol), Ethanol fuel E15 or E85 is NOT approved for use in any gas powered products sold by SherrillTree. Using E15 or E85 fuel may cause major engine damage which is NOT covered by manufacturer warranty.

SherrillTree stands behind all manufacturer-warranted products. Any defective product must be returned to SherrillTree at customer’s expense for visual evaluation and review. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is required. Returns for warranty claims may require review by the manufacturer before a refund or credit can be issued. No refund or shipping credit will be issued without complete product examination by SherrillTree or the manufacturer. If a returned product is determined defective according to manufacturer's warranty, SherrillTree will replace, credit or repair according to the manufacturer's guideline. If the product was purchased at a Vermeer location please return the product to the same Vermeer location for review.

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You can also call 1-800-525-8873 or email for additional information.