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Plant Health & Tree Health

Plant Health & Tree Health

No tree care professionals arsenal is complete without the proper plant health related gear. At SherrillTree we realize that plant health supplies are as important as climbing gear, and as always we have the best selection at the best price. Choose from our line of water soluble amendments, injectables, spray rigs and equipment, underground related products, tree support equipment and more. When you think plant health, think SherrillTree.

Spray Rig Equipment

SherrillTree Spray Rigs with custom graphics are not just a tool to get your spray application jobs done, but also an invaluable marketing asset that pays for itself every time you drive it! SherrillTree. The Spray Rig Authority. All SherrillTree Commercial Trucks are Custom Fabricated to Your Specifications. "They're Built and Designed to be  Spray Trucks, NOT Converted Delivery Trucks". Check out our truck mounted spray rigs as well as skid mounted rigs.

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Tree Support & Bracing

When determined that trees require supplemental support or protection in the form of cabling or bracing, arborists rely on SherrillTree for the best tree bracing and support equipment at the best prices. As with all our products, we offer a 150% price match on tree bracing and support equipment. From steel guy-wires for tree support to the more modern and widely accepted "dynamic solution" of Cobra® or TreeSave™, we have it in stock and ready for installation. Check out our tree support cabling, tree bracing and guying equipment today. Protect your trees with the very best tree support systems from SherrillTree.

Arborjet : Tree Injection System

SherrillTree is proud to carry the ARBORjet Tree Injection System. Did you know that the ARBORjet has helped save over 350,000 trees from destructive pests? For over 10 years, Arborjet has focused on developing the leading tree injection equipment and formulations to protect trees. Now you can select from the QUIKjet tree injection system, ARBORjet tree I.V. kits, CLEANjet clean and lubricant as well as a full line of ARBORjet treatments and accessories at SherrillTree.

Backpack Sprayers

Birchmeier professional backpack sprayers are the top brand worldwide for plant health care product application. Birchmeier is known for its quality chemical spray systems and their functionality and durability. SherrillTree carries the multi-gallon capacity options of the Flox Backpack Sprayers and the unique Closed System BackpackSprayer. For topical application of pesticides, herbicides and other PHC amendments on shrubs and trees.

Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

Fertilizers and biological soil amendments are important to overall plant health. Nutrients have a vital role in replenishing our soils and providing better root strength and improved plant structure. Fertilizers contain specific levels of nutrients that are in a readily available form for plants to use. Apply fertilizers in the spring and fall as directed to see the benefits of liquid, tablet, powder, and granular fertilizers, soil amendments, and mycorrhizal products.

Shrub & Tree Insecticides

Insect infestation can be detrimental for any tree or shrub. We offer a variety of injectable insecticide formulations to treat common pests such as aphids, caterpillars, borers, wasps, moths, mites, and scales. With new invasive species occurring and existing pests evolving, it is important to stay abreast of pest control treatments and the latest insecticides. SherrillTree offers many treatment options to ensure optimal results in insect control.

Plant Fungicides

Fungal diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Blight, Anthracnose, and Dutch Elm Disease can be difficult to control and hard to get rid of once a plant has been infected. If left untreated, fungal diseases can spread to neighboring plants and may ultimately destroy the infected plants. SherrillTree offers many treatment options to ensure optimal results in fungal control. If you notice wilting, rust, mold, blotches, or decaying tissue on you plants then it is time to treat them with one of our fungicides. For best results, treat as soon as the first signs of disease appear.

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Tree Injection Treatments

Tree injection treatments are one of the most important advancements in the tree care industry. Trunk injection is an efficient way to treat a multitude of insects and disease, as well as nutrient deficiencies. Injection treatments have been proven to provide a high level of protection against harmful problems for one to two years at a reasonable cost without injuring trees. Tree injectables offer a simple, precise, environmentally friendly alternative to other common application methods

Plant Surfactants

Basal Bark treatments are a common non-invasive, efficient application method. However, it is crucial to ensure the plant health care product is penetrating the external protective layer of plant tissue and SherrillTree offers a product that will do just that. When the surfactant, PENTRA-BARK is applied to the woody bark surface in combination with a systemic plant health care product, it opens the lenticel pathways and enables movement of the product into the plants transport system for uptake. This will allow product uptake to spread all the way up to the canopy to maximize treatment.

Growth Regulators

Increase your time and cost efficiency with plant growth regulators from SherrillTree that decrease the time spent pruning, trimming, and cleaning up. Often used on Sweet Gum and Oak trees, growth regulators reduce unwanted fruit such as gum balls and acorns. Plant Growth Regulators also extend the time between trimmings, and reduce pruning in dangerous or difficult areas.

Tree Wound Dressing

Tree wounds are a common problem commonly caused by abrasions and scrapes, broken branches, impacts, animal and insect damage. Wounds can expose the inside of the tree to pathogens that may infect the tree and cause decay of the wood. This decay can weaken the wood and shorten the life of the tree. Wounds need to be shielded from direct sun light and from surface dehydration. If left untreated, wounds can develop rot and compromise the entire tree. To protect your wounded tree and prevent further damage, try one of our tree wound dressings.

Alternative Plant Health Options

Safeguard the health of trees and your property with these root control products that are designed to help redirect, protect and assist your trees’ roots. Some of the many innovative products featured on this page include tree root barrier products from DeepRoot and Biobarrier, tree watering bags, and bug barriers for do it yourself pest control.

Plant Health Books & DVDs

When dealing with tree health issues accurate diagnosis of the problem is crucial. That's why SherrillTree carries a line of plant health books and DVDs to keep you on top of your game. These comprehensive plant health care resources cover a wide variety of topics including tree selection, care, identification, pruning, pest protection, and planting. Learn the essentials of tree care with easy to understand and authoritative books and DVDs on arboriculture from SherrillTree.

Plant Health Care Equipment & Tools

From ARBOR-jet trunk injection kits, to excavation kits, and root feeding needles, Sherrill Tree offers several equipment options to provide services on your property or your clients’ property. Our equipment and tools are designed to save you time and money, providing an efficient option for plant healthcare treatment applications with exceptional quality and dependability. SherrillTree is here to provide you with equipment and tools at the best value for your investment.