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Hand Splicing

Grizzly Splice®

Hand Splicing PDFs from Samson

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind.

Why use a spliced rope termination?
• Up to 50% stronger than knots
• Zero bulk, maximum security
• Easy attach and detach from systems
• Faster than knot tying

SherrillTree is The Splicing Authority.

Why choose SherrillTree’s Splicing Team?
•Over 250,000 splices with zero fail rate!
•Insured, experienced, full time splicing team
•On-site testing quality assurance
•Widest selection of rope in stock
•All work labeled with production date

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Phone: Call our Customer Service team at 800-525-8873 for info.
Fax: Use our custom splice form and fax to 336-378-1096

Rope splicing is the art of manipulating rope strands to create a semi-permanent joint between two parts, commonly in the form of a fixed eyelet for attaching hardware. The alternative knot-tied eyelet is not only bulkier but reduces the ropes tensile strength by 40-60% compared to splicing at a mere 5-10%.

Since the mid 90’s SherrillTree has employed an in house team devoted solely to the fine art of rope splicing. Managing these services in house not only results in better oversight of quality but allows us to offer a broader range of ropes and splice styles than rope manufacturers. Over the years professionals have developed a high standard for splicing quality that we hope is a reflection of the high standards set within SherrillTree. In 2008 we invested in a popular alternative to hand splicing ropes that we ultimately designated (the fiercely strong) Grizzly Splice®.

Sewn rope terminations using specialized, super-duty sewing machinery is nothing new in life safety circles. Top companies serving high-end industrial markets such as fire and rescue, military and rigging operations have found sewn rope products, like closely related sewn webbing products, to be consistently strong and dependable, so much so that several don’t offer “hand-spliced” options.

SherrillTree took the technology a step further. With a considerable background in hand-splicing along with our floor shaking, 50-ton break testing machine we tested to failure a number of commonly used patterns before settling on an innovative pattern that we believe minimizes strand disruption while maximizing tensile strength. So whether you’re interested in hand-spliced or Grizzly Splice® sewn rope terminations, we’ve got the strongest solutions for you right here at SherrillTree!

•No cost
•Adjustable eyelet size
•Create as needed
•Can connect to “closed” hardware

•Over-loaded knots hard/impossible to untie
•Slower to create connections
•Requires proper knot knowledge
•Reduces overall rope strength (often by half)
•Damaging to rope ends

•Narrow and slender
•Quick to connect to and from hardware
•Maximizes rope strength
•Eliminates knot-tying mistakes
•Can incorporate a thimble when abrasion is anticipated

•Cost’s more than knots
•Requires considerable practice to perform neatly
•Eyelet size not adjustable

Grizzly Splice®
•Same as hand-spliced plus:
•Can be used on ropes otherwise unspliceable
•Less costly than hand splicing

•Same as hand-spliced plus:
not as streamlined as hand-spliced, having a bump at union

Here are some helpful PDFs from Samson Rope that can help you to hand splice your own rope.

16 Strand Rope
16 Strand Class 1 Eye Splice (PDF)

3 Strand Rope
3 Strand Class 1 Eye Splice(PDF)

Double Braid Rope
Double Braid Class 1 Eye Splice(PDF)
Double Braid Class 2 Eye Splice(PDF)
Double Braid Class 1 USED ROPE Eyesplice (PDF)
Double Braid Class 1 Back Splice (PDF)
Double Braid Class 1 End for End (PDF)
Double Braid Class 2 End for End (PDF)