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Large Impact Rigging Block by DMM, up to 3/4" diameter rope

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This latest innovation from DMM is the result of a 3-year project in consultation with Treemagineers to produce a tailboard rigging block second to none on earth.

Starting from a clean slate, Treemagineers (designers of the Treemotion saddle) listed every advantage and disadvantage known about current tailboard rigging block designs and set out to improve them. Two things needed most were increased strength and more rope-friendly interaction between the cheekplates, bushings, and sheaves.

Like Treemagineer’s popular Hitch Climber Pulley, no prefabricated bolts, pins, or plating were welcome in the design process. All componentry was to be forged or CNC-milled specifically for the finished rigging block. All edges had to be smooth, and connecting points either countersunk or rounded to a sexy, fabric-friendly finish. And this is exactly what you’ll receive with your impact pulley investment.

Hot-forged from 6082-T6 aluminum alloy for maximum strength-to-weight ratio, then polished, heat-treated, and anodized for an incredibly robust finish, the chassis of this compact dynamo has proven in extensive testing to withstand unparalleled punishment and abuse. Both the stainless-steel 303 spindle and anchor pins holding sheave and bushing have beefy, self-lubricating Oilite bronze bushings for years of trusted service life. Initial testing of early prototypes demonstrated without doubt that DMM’s design and understanding of metallurgy were spot-on. With only a few minor tweaks, the final product has proven stronger than even steel-bodied rigging blocks of considerably higher weight.

Whether you’re seeking premium-grade hardware to please your euc man tendencies or bulletproof design for your oak man side, consider an investment in the new impact.

Restrictions :

CE Certified : Yes

Meets ANSI Requirements :

Teeth per inch :  

Length :  

Width : 3.8 in

Height : 8.85" (225mm)

Depth :

Diameter :  

Inner Diameter :

Outside Diameter :

Weight :  

Waist :  

Inseam :

# of Pages :

Waterproof :

Water Resistant :

Material : Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Color : Brown, Yellow

Melting Point :

Elongation :

Strand Count :  

WLL :  

Tensile Strength :  

Metal :

Sheave Diameter : 4"

Gate Opening :  

Rope Capacity :  

H.P. :

CC :

Herbicide :

Pesticide :

Specific Target :  

UPS Overweight :

UPS Oversize :

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Fabric :

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Blade Thickness, mm :

Kerf, mm :

UPC Code / Barcode No. : 5031290201063

Large impact rigging blk.

We purchased your 3/4 DMM impact block and 3/4 tennex sling for use in the powerline industry for heavy rigging. The lineman were not to sure about the block because we are used to something that weighs a whole lot more the first time we used the block was to let down some large wire that was pulled in under tensions exceeding 10.000 lbs the block and sling worked like a champ and made a believer out of the lineman on the crew. A lot of the same rigging principles goes hand in hand with tree work and linework.

Mike Hatcher



med impact block

Best block I own by far it just seems like it can always take more. Ive definitely dropped 2,000 pound pieces on it. I want the big one now.

brandon tate

westport ma


Amazing product

amazing block, so much bigger and stronger than i expected, very easy to use in a tree, light weight for the size of it, just a beautiful thing to have in the equipment bag.

nick morabito

Upstate NY


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