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Have you or a crew member ever removed the wrong limb from a customer’s tree due to miscommunication by you or the client? Have you ever experienced frustration from not being able to clearly identify a target to a crane operator? Would you consider it helpful when training a new worker about overhead hazards to point them out from the ground? If the answer is yes, perhaps you should reach for “the brightest dot” known to man. SherrillTree’s green laser provides the brightest spectrum visible to the human eye and is able to be seen in full daylight and from considerable distance.

Thanks to the recommendation of arborist Mike Kraus of Hilo, Hawaii, SherrillTree was the first to present this time- and customer-saving device to professional tree workers back in 2003. Today SherrillTree has a direct connection with the manufacturer to provide the brightest handheld laser legally available in the US and UK and at a knockout low price—GUARANTEED.

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Laser Pointer Instructions (PDF)

In the USA: All of SherrillTree’s laser products designated for sale into the United States are certified as compliant with FDA regulations.

All other locations outside the United States: THE CUSTOMER, as the importer, is responsible for adhering to the import regulations of the country into which these products are being shipped. SherrillTree cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from shipping these products outside of The United States.

SherrillTree Day Pointer Laser Specs

Restrictions :

CE Certified :

Meets ANSI Requirements :

Teeth per inch :  

Length :  

Width :  

Height :

Depth :

Diameter :  

Inner Diameter :

Outside Diameter :

Weight : 0.5 lbs

Waist :  

Inseam :

# of Pages :

Waterproof :

Water Resistant :

Material :  

Color : Black

Melting Point :

Elongation :

Strand Count :  

WLL :  

Tensile Strength :  

Metal :

Sheave Diameter :

Gate Opening :  

Rope Capacity :  

H.P. :

CC :

Herbicide :

Pesticide :

Specific Target :  

UPS Overweight :

UPS Oversize :

Terms For International Shipping :

PDF Instructions : Click Here

Parts PDF : Click Here

Makes Gallons :

LTL - Ship Only :

Fabric :

Quantity per Box / Carton :

Blade Thickness, mm :

Kerf, mm :

UPC Code / Barcode No. : 850120003470

Excellent Product

This device has revolutionised on site discussions with contractors and clients over the identification of defects in trees and pruning points required to be affected. Especially useful when dealing with veteran and ancient trees where correct pruning placement is vital. I also use mine to investigate cavity depth not only at root collar level and into the stem but by higher up the tree and into the branch work using a colleague to spot the apparent depth and orientation of cavities using field glasses. I also use the laser when giving guided walks so that people can be schooled on observing defects from afar before approaching the tree for closer investigation.

Dave Simpkin

Nottingham UK


Very nice

I really like the power this laser has. I use it to help aim LED landscape lighting as well as point out where lights will be placed. It works great in all but the brightest of conditions. Even then it still works, just not as well. I wish I had purchased it sooner Tim

Tim Doogs




This laser is great for guiding homeowners and tree crews,

Angela White

Poplar Bluff MO


Much weaker then expected

I was expecting a higher quality laser for the money, Very small and hard to see. Changed batteries twice thinking it was a battery problem.

Casey Gilbert

Fenton, MI


Worked well when I got it.

I bought this laser a couple of years ago.It worked well, sometimes hard to see in bright sunlight, if there was no shade beneath the tree.A few months ago the pocket clip broke off and the laser fell from my pant pocket to the ground, then it started losing strength. The laser point got fatter, so the range wasn't very good and it wasn't as bright.I took it apart to try and adjust it, it didn't help.I just threw it in the trash. Now I'm hoping to find one that is maybe a little brighter and comes with a belt secured case, so I don't drop it.So, if you drop it, it's toast; otherwise it's a pretty laser pointer.




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