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Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

Fertilizers and biological soil amendments are important to overall plant health. Nutrients have a vital role in replenishing our soils and providing better root strength and improved plant structure. Fertilizers contain specific levels of nutrients that are in a readily available form for plants to use. Apply fertilizers in the spring and fall as directed to see the benefits of liquid, tablet, powder, and granular fertilizers, soil amendments, and mycorrhizal products.

Powder / Granular Fertilizers

SherrillTree brings you the best in professional specialty powder and granular fertilizers and soil amendment products. Our powder and granular fertilizers are blended with the highest quality ingredients, formulated to be dissolved in water and applied as a solution. Shade trees and ornamentals are often subjected to unfavorable soil and environmental conditions. Keeping trees and shrubs healthy has many benefits such as improving property value and improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing us with oxygen. The addition of proper fertilizer and soil amendments not only improves the appearance and health of trees, but enables trees to better withstand pests in some cases.

Liquid Fertilizer

SherrillTree’s selection of liquid fertilizers and soil amendments are sure to cover your plant health care needs. Benefits include absorption leading to faster results. Our products are the highest quality with several application methods. We offer ARBORjet nutrient formulations and Tree Tech microinjections as well as Growth Products liquid fertilizers.

Some lawn experts suggest using a combination of dry and liquid fertilizer for optimal results. SherrillTree also offers a variety of Granular Fertilizer & Soil Amendments as well.

Environmentally Responsible Fertilizers

Help your plants and the environment at the same time with environmentally responsible fertilizers and soil amendments from SherrillTree.