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Edge™ Harness with Leg Straps by SherrillTree

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Please note: We have found that the EDGE saddles run a little large. If you are between sizes please choose the smaller size. EXAMPLE: If you are a 32 waist please choose a small as the mediums (32"-36") will fit quite large on you.

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Sm-28"-32" (71cm-81cm); Md-32"-36" (81cm-91cm); Lg-36"-40"(91cm-102cm); XL-40"-44" (102cm-112cm
Step into the very latest masterpiece of fit, function and comfort designed by ergonomics guru and climbing instructor Ed Carpenter. The Edge is, very simply, a compilation of waist-and thigh-snuggling comfort and all of today’s most popular features super-sewn into an über-rugged package. Modeled after Buckingham’s popular Ergovation, the Edge utilizes heavier-duty materials than the lighter-weight Petzl Sequoia, while offering improved suspension and bridge features superior to the popular Weaver Cougar.

Setting out to improve the Edge, we asked Buckingham to incorporate an adjustable bridge with paws, which opens up numerous possibilities for attaching your climbing system to your saddle.

We also received some great feedback from our customers on needed improvements. We listened! One of the most frequent suggestions we heard was that the Edge saddle needed a place to attach a chainsaw. So we added a chainsaw snap on the left and right. To increase comfort, we extended the length of the leg straps.

Also new for 2013 is the bosun seat version of the Edge saddle. All the same great features, but with a nicely padded bosun seat.

Then there’s the features that made the Edge so popular to begin with: front buckle closure (for easier on/off wearing spikes); a comfortable, lightweight, and very breathable waist belt; lightweight but full-sized alloy D-rings; six roomy accessory loops; contoured padding that smoothly follows the human form; and quick-adjust strapping that you don’t have to fight to make right! Adjustment areas that provide the ideal fit include waist, legs, seat depth, and bridge height. If you’re looking for the ultimate in working-at-height comfort, step up to the Edge.

SherrillTree The Edge™ Harness Specs

Restrictions :

CE Certified : No

Meets ANSI Requirements :

Teeth per inch :  

Length :  

Width :  

Height :

Depth :

Diameter :  

Inner Diameter :

Outside Diameter :

Weight :  

Waist : 28-32 in, 32-36 in, 36-40 in, 40-44 in

Inseam :

# of Pages :

Waterproof :

Water Resistant :

Material : Nylon, Spectra

Color : Black, Yellow

Melting Point :

Elongation :

Strand Count :  

WLL :  

Tensile Strength :  

Metal :

Sheave Diameter :

Gate Opening :  

Rope Capacity :  

H.P. :

CC :

Herbicide :

Pesticide :

Specific Target :  

UPS Overweight :

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Great Saddle

I received this saddle last week and have since used it in a large multilead Silver Maple and two large spread Boxelders for technical removals. I have also conducted a natural target pruning cycle on a large spread Norway Maple using the "edge". I am pleased with the comfort and support of this saddle and have had relatively few issues ergonomically. Work positioning is easy and the range of motion far exceeds that of the standard floating D saddle I have used in the past. The upgrade seems to be justified.

Jason Gillis

DC MEtro, Northern VA, WV Panhandle


Great job Ed!!!

Edge incorporates all the greatest advancements in the industry in fit and function. More substantial than others and lighter than most. Packed with attachment points for gear and a super comfortable lumbar pad and velcro and elastic waistband and the fact that this saddle is ultimately adjustable makes this product soar above the rest. I like that it is more breatheable than its leather-clad competition.

Matt Harding

West-central Florida


Super Comfortable!

This saddle is 10 steps up from my previous saddle the Buckingham Versatile. The adjustability makes it perfect for any comfort level or body type. I feel so much more mobile while in a tree now! I recommend the Edge to any climber, beginner or veteran. Worth every penny!

Kirk Slocum



Great saddle but defective

Great saddle, I ordered for one of my new climbers- he really liked it until he noticed that the right adjustment and D-ring were installed upside down. I recommend this saddle but do you own quality control because Buckingham and Sherrill will not let you return it. They will only allow you to send it in for repair.

Mark Malmstrom

Logan, Utah


Great saddle!!!!!

I have ben climbing for close to 15 year and have used all types of saddles... My last belt was theBuckingham ergovation.. Nice saddle too.. My friend recomended the edge.. I am more than glad I went with it for my next saddle,, I think it is one of the best belts i'v worn.. I work every day and the edge has not let me down one time.. Not to mention it's fit.. Every thing I need an more. As long as this saddle is on the market, I will never have to worrie about which belt I will be getting next... Thank you Ed and sherrill tree!

Justin p.

Littlefalls, MN


Tough saddle

I use this saddle day in and day out its.just.tough and great in the rain doesnt get soaked and heavy




good buy

Worked with this saddle for about a year now and love it, its really comfortable easy to move around in. Ive taken down and trimmed all kinds of trees very happy.

Chris J.

Prospect, Ct


gnarly saddle

i am a very hard climber i do a lot of limbwalking, double crotching, and traversing i need a saddle that can keep up with me, and the edge is a total plus is the perfect saddle for me, better yet i love all the loops it has to offer and everything is now always on my side... i love this saddle

clinton curtis

hoquiam, wa


Amazing saddle

Awesome saddle, it fits very comfortably, and while I haven't worn many saddles, nor have I climbed for a really long time, I can appreciate how nice this saddle feels. I bought it when the price was much less, and it didn't have a rope bridge. Overall only two complaints, one, the original one had a webbing bridge which is kind of weird to use after coming from a rope bridge, especially in that you can't move the little rubber grommets, which means more fiddling with carabiners which have slid down the bridge and over the grommet. And two, there aren't really many places where you can shove a caritool. I really like the design of a simple little black plastic carabiner that you can slip into loops in your saddle, but there really aren't many loops that will work with it, just those weird attachment points that stick up at odd angles and look like the saddle has a bad hair day. Granted these are minor annoyances, but adding some loops on the leg pads, and maybe a few on the back would be a definite improvement.

Erick L




Wow. I didn't know how comfy a saddle could be. I was using an older type leather Industrial grade...this thing absolutely smokes it in terms of comfort and support, and the buckles are just super. The only gripe I have: it doesn't come with a chainsaw hook or a bridge ring. I put a Rock Exotica swivel on the bridge, and it is KILLER. I highly suggest grabbing a swivel or at least a ring, and a chainsaw hook. I made my own, and permanently attached it with webbing through the Caritool slot. Something to think about when you are ordering.

Rickey 5

Rochester NY


one complaint

The edge is a great saddle. Ive been climbing on it since they were first released. My one complaint that i have is that the stock bridge is way too short and severely limits my side to side movement. It is easily fixed though, i converted the standard bridge to the Liger bridge and now my side to side motion is fantastic.

Mike Garner

Fresno CA


Great Climbing Harness

I've been climbing in the Edge a week and love it. Great support, Don't have to twist at all to reach saw. plenty of accessory positions for gear. Lightweight and breathable. Highly recommend.


Norwalk, Ia


Sweet saddle

I have bin climbing for about 8 years and I do all different types of rigging and free climbing, this saddle is great for all! My only issue with is is there is no hook for the chain saw. Still trying to find the best solution for it.


Lodi, NJ


saw clip

I just got my edge, after reading the reviews i was worried about saw clips and attatchment points.once i got the saddle on and started adjusting straps,i noticed 2 caritool,paddle slots,1 on each side.apparently they read reviews also.

john b

alexandria va


good saddle

I agree with most of these comments. This saddle is very supportive and comfortable in ways, however i didn't like the attachment points at all, i know there is a lot of them but the 3 back top ones drag the saddle and the rubber sucks. 1 yr in this and all those are cut off, and there are actually FOUR places you can attach the paddle or caritool...and thats what i use(no more loops).The only three complaints i have is that i'm a true 30" waist and the Edge still has at least 3" to go before it fits. The elastic Velcro def helps for this. The 2nd is the webbing the webbing (and buckles) for the legs and the waist rub together vigorously when footlocking, witch is starting to show. The bridge, the rope and old style have there problems, just replace it with the Komet Butterfly/Dragonfly bridge and that prob. is done with. Overall i think it just needs some tuning, in due time this saddle will rock. Suggestions: Use the same material of the Petzl attachment points and keep the same locations for those who like them.


philadelphia, pa


Outstanding!!! - Comfortable!!!

I purchased this saddle thre days ago, used it in an oak yesterday. I am very pleased with the support, comfort and accessory features. I am able to adjust it the point that it seems custom built. Worth the money; highly recommended!

Ralph Herbin

Charlotte, NC


love the saddle

Awsome comfortable saddle. It was a bit of a nut buster at first but I unstraped the middle 2 straps and it has been the most comfortable. It does run big I'm. A 34 inch waste witch is a medium in this saddle and its almost to big. I have to tighten it down as far as it goes. Its not a big deal. It does have a few spots for the caritool. Don't try forcing the large one in the spots because it won't fit. I'm a genious for finding that out. I had to cut it out. Overall great saddle its already paid for its self 10 times over. If your in your saddle all day its a good one to have.


marquette mi


Great Upgrade

FIrst I am a rec climber, not an arborist, so I don't use all features to their full purpose. I got this saddle to replace my Yellow Jacket looking for two main things, a tied rope bridge, and more comfort. This saddle has delivered 100% on those hopes. It's very plush and the design is great. Tucking the straps it is kind of a pain, but that's not a huge complaint. I would recommend this to others.

Jason Gillespie

Dayton, OH



Excellent gear. I put it to daily use and the only handicaps this saddle has are in my own skill set. It has never been the belt that slowed me down.


Central Va


Best Saddle I know of

I was looking at this saddle for a while and finally decided to go with it. Man this is the best saddle I have put on! The first day I was a little iffy about it but by the third day climbing I was flying around the tree like a monkey. Its pretty comfortable and the mobility is like no other. I am so mobile in the tree and have no limits with maneuverability any longer. It has gear loops and carabiner slots all over the place, I just love it. Thank you Sherrill Tree for this piece of perfection!


Atlanta, Ga


Question about certification on belt

In looking at this belt i see within the specifications that it is listed as;CE Certified : NoSo what rating is it certified too then, ANSI, CSA????...SherrillTree Response :- This saddle does meet all the requirements set in ANZI 2012 Booklet Z133, new requirements will be set in 2016 update. It is not currently CSA certified. Hope this helps, thanks Sherrill Team


Vancouver, BC


Best saddle

This is the best saddle I have ever used. When I put the saddle on you can't even notice that you are wearing a saddle. The edge is very light and functional. The only negative thing that I would say is that I would make it where you can put a large petzl cartitool for the use of a chain saw. When I am in the tree the operation of the saddle is flawless.


Lakeside, AZ


Light, comfortable and functional.

I've used this saddle for almost 1 year now and have been climbing for many, many years. I've switched from another brand w/ a boson seat (which always moved, and needed adjusted). This is the most comfortable saddle I've ever worn. I added costume carabiners for easy tool access on sides and back I'm a 32" the small fits great. All in all a supreme saddle.

Eddie Parker

Columbus, Ohio



this thing is amazing after using a floating D for so long switching to something as comfortable as this is mind blowing I feel like I'm climbing in a recliner definitely the best money I've ever spent on climbing gear. I've never felt so mobile in a tree. 5 stars all day!!

trimbles tree service

hurricane wv


Not impressed.

I have climbed in many saddles for 15 years. Finally I thought the industry put together a gem. Wrong again. I realize I'm the only negative review but I don't care. The edge seems built for a overweight hobby climber not an everyday climbing arborist. The back pad is absurdly large and isn't all that cushy. The leg loop are same and the straps loosen up. Floppy D-rings and an abundance of useless crap to cut off. Its probably just me but I just want a simple, durable, light and reasonably comfortable saddle. If the butterfly wasn't so poorly arranged with hard to reach gearloops and hip bruising D rings I would still be using it.


Evergreen State


Awesome Saddle

This saddle is very comfortable. Super adjustable to get that perfect fit because everyone has different body styles and preferences. There are gear loops everywhere which are always handy you can never have too many of them. Great saddle would recommend to anyone. Just wish Sherrill would allow me to purchase leg loops separately also because I have the bosun seat version which is awesome but ive always been more of a leg loop guy.


Black Hills, SD


great saddle

As a 6'3 guy who isnt really fat I always go for XL in everything i buy. In this saddle the XL is designed for real fatties. I got it to fit but barely. Go with sherill's size recommendation, it is accurate.




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