Rigging Connectors

Rigging Connectors

The finest selection of professional quality rigging carabiners, snaps, connectors and other rigging gear at SherrillTree. Since your safety depends upon it, we only carry the best in rigging connectors.  Choose from Petzl carabiners, ISC, Captive Eye and more as well as a full line of snaps, links, rope and wire thimbles, and rings, swivels and rigging hubs and rigging plates.  As a tree care professional, you're only as strong as the weakest link in your chain, a good reason to shop the strong stuff at SherrillTree.

Carabiners for Tree Rigging

While Steel Carabiners are heavier than their alloy counterpart, Steel carabiners remain the leading choice for rigging duties. Available in both locking and non-locking flavors, you will find Carabiners at the lowest prices at SherrillTree.

Aluminum and Steel Rope Snaps

Snaps have an isolated hole for tying or splicing rope with a gate at the opposing end for quickly connecting to various hardware. SherrillTree has a great selection of Aluminum and Steel Snaps at the lowest prices around.

Rigging Links

Our quality links feature high breaking strength and can become a semi-permanent anchor ring when closed with a wrench. SherrillTree has the perfect link for all applications.

Thimbles for Wire and Rope

Greatly reduce abrasive friction by positioning a thimble between rope or wire and connection point

Tree Rigging Rings, Swivels, Plates

Things to connect between.