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Carabiners, Snaps & Connectors

Carabiners, Snaps & Connectors

Check out SherrillTree's selection of arborist quality rope connectors in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and functions from only the best in the business. SherrillTree carries every type of rope connector available - Carabiners, Snaps, Links, Clevises,Thimbles, Swiveling Connectors, Arborist Rings, Braking Devices and Rigging Plates – all at the lowest prices anywhere!

Accessory Carabiner ( Non-Locking )

Non-Locking Accessory Carabiners are great for tool storage, line-to-line or hardware-to-hardware connections where life support IS NOT involved. You can find Non-Locking Accessory Carabiners at SherrillTree for the lowest prices around.

Aluminum Carabiners

Aluminum Carabiners that are suitable for tree climbing and other life-safety industrial services must be automatically double-locking and a minimum strength of 24kN. Choose Aluminum Carabiners from Petzl, Rock Exotica, SMC, DMM, ISC and more.

Steel Carabiners

While Steel Carabiners are heavier than their alloy counterpart, Steel carabiners remain the leading choice for rigging duties. Available in both locking and non-locking flavors, you will find Carabiners at the lowest prices at SherrillTree.

Aluminum and Steel Rope Snaps

Snaps have an isolated hole for tying or splicing rope with a gate at the opposing end for quickly connecting to various hardware. SherrillTree has a great selection of Aluminum and Steel Snaps at the lowest prices around.

Tree Climbing Screw Links

Our quality links feature high breaking strength and can become a semi-permanent anchor ring when closed with a wrench. SherrillTree has the perfect link for all applications.


Multiple size clevises available to suit most any application. You will always find the best price and selection of clevises at SherrillTree.

Tree Climbing Rope Thimbles

Wide assortment of Thimbles including Italian, Teardrop, Rope, Swivel and Low Wall. You will always find the best price and selection of thimbles at SherrillTree.

Swiveling Connectors

If it’s a Connector and it Swivels, it’s at SherrillTree. Whether you’re looking for a swiveling Carabiner, Clevis, Dog Leash Snap or Locking Swivel Snap we’ve got it.

Arborist Rings

Arborist Rings and Rigging O Rings from SherrillTree – lowest price guaranteed.

Rigging Plates

Choose from assorted size rigging plates including 3 hole, 7 hole, 8 hole and 12 hole.

All Carabiners

All of the tree climbing carabiners in one convenient location.