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PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

One of the more overlooked yet most important necessities in the tree care industry is for quality Aborist Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. The personal protective equipment and clothing arena consists of helmets, gloves, clothing, safety glasses and boots specially made to meet the rigorous needs of the industry. Needless to say, you will find the best selection of pro quality Personal Protection Equipment here at SherrillTree.

Protective Helmets

The good news is you only have one to protect therefore needing only one helmet, the bad news is "it" tells everything else what to do.

Work Gloves

Tough hands are one thing, locust trees quite another. Whether you're looking for rawhide protection or tool-gripping finesse, we've got you covered.

Safety Glasses

Bet you didn't know the first pirate was an arborist? True story. The point here is we now have glasses for that sort of thing.

Featuring the NEW NOTCH glasses. In five innovative models, these safety glasses offer the latest in comfort and design. ANSI Certified. Take a look.

Tree Climbing Boots

Tree Climbing Boots - you asked and SherrillTree listened. We now offer the rugged line of Wesco tree climbing boots. Working tree care professionals know that a cheap pair of work boots isn't going to cut it, so we've got the line of Wesco Jobmaster boots and Highliner boots just for you. Need boot laces or a Maxx Dry boot dryer? We've got that too.