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Tree Climbing Ropes

Tree Climbing Ropes

Select from a range of tree climbing ropes; Samson Rope, New England Ropes, Yale Cordage and Sterling Rope. At SherrillTree we pride ourselves on carrying the best quality tree climbing line. Choose from our selection of Yale Cordage Poison Ivy, Yale XTC 16 strand or Pro Series as well as best sellers from Samson such as Arbormaster, True Blue, and more. We also stock New England's popular Lava ( tachyon ) rope, static kernmantle, splicing tools and accessory cordage. We are the rope authority!

Yale Poison Ivy (double braid)

SherrillTree's most sought after tree climbing rope, the competition-level double braid Poison Ivy, comes in camo, bright camo or pink camo. Poison Ivy Double Braid tree climbing line as a unique double braid construction that stays round when pinched by camming mechanisms, yet it is unusually flexible and knot friendly that is designed to optimize strength, durability, and flexibility to provide years of safe, reliable service.

Lava (Double Braid)

Feel the heat of this excellent new, competition-level tree climbing line by New England Rope. Lava (aka Tachyon) is a registered trademark of Sherrill, Inc.

Yale XTC Rope (16-strand)

Xcellent for Tree Climbing is how some people rank this family of fine 16-strand Yale climbing ropes, others simply consider it ecstasy. Arborists and tree climbers from around the world seek Yale's XTC rope for two primary reasons; performance and tenacity. XTC's smooth jacket provides unique performance to friction hitches of all types while the 100% polyester construction lets this 16 strand climbing rope put up with even the worst bark bites. Yale Cordage and SherrillTree – the perfect match for the tree care professional.

Pro Series (16-strand)

Choose Pro Stripe® and Pro Spec ropes by Yale Cordage. These are two great 16-strand lines that are brightly colored and dynamically gifted. These tightly woven ropes have all of the characteristics sought by professional arborists and only the best materials and manufacturing processes are used to make them. These lines are respected worldwide for their smooth, hitch-gliding jacket, low elasticity and long lasting polyester construction.

Samson Rope and Other Climbing Lines

Samson's Vortex Cool and Vortex Hot, Velocity Cool and Hot, TreePro Red, True Blue, Yellow Jacket, Arbor Plex and ArborMaster series climbing ropes are top of the line. We also carry New England's popular Hi-Vee and Ultra Hi-Vee ropes and the new Escalator ascent line. Yale's Blaze and Imori climbing ropes are featured in this section as well. Climb Safe!

Static Kernmantle

This low stretch line is ideal for single rope technique (SRT) climbing ...but not for doubled rope technique (DdRT)