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Hands-free Audio Communication Systems

Hands-free Audio Communication Systems

One of the most pressing needs for any professional tree care company is a quality communication system that can cut above the normally high ambient noise levels. Working professionals know that communication is a key element of all tree care activities for the continued safety of those aloft and on the ground. SherrillTree specializes in helmet mounted two way communication systems for the tree service industry that will provide you with the quality communications equipment you need for years to come. Choose from products like the Fire Fox Vanquish Throat Mic and Peltor Lite-Com at the SherrillTree lowest guaranteed prices.


Fire Fox "Vanquish" Throat Mic

This "deluxe" Fire Fox includes 2nd-generation throat mic with voice activated transmission that works especially well in loud environments, including while a crane or chain saw is running! Comfortable ear bud electronic ear phones. System plugs directly into most 2-way radios. (Radio not included)

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No 3M No

FM Radio Ear Protective Muffs

Peltor Headband Stereo Muffs with 24-db sound protection.

This item is discontinued and/or a special order item and therefore cannot be returned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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