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Rope Climbing Ascenders / Descenders

Rope Climbing Ascenders / Descenders

Rope climbing ascenders and descenders utilize mechanical means to grab rope in one direction while allowing free passage in the other.  The Arborist rigging applications for pro quality ascenders and descenders are many.  SherrillTree carries rope climbing ascenders and descenders from Petzl, CMI and more.

Rope Climbing Ascenders with Handles

Get a grip like never before using ascenders by the leaders in rope-handling hardware.

Rope Grabs / Lanyard Adjusters

This type of ascender is traditionally attached by carabiner (not included) and rides freely along it's host rope in one direction and locks in the opposite.

Ascenders without handles

Head and shoulders, knees and toes need ascenders too sometimes. All the best are right here.

Rope Descending Braking Devices

All products here allow rope passage but with restrictions based on manual action by operator.