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2 Ton Zinc Plated Steel Block by CMI, 3/4"

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Sherrill's zinc-plated tailboard block is highly rust resistant and won't chip or color-fade like similar painted products. Unlike competitive blocks, ours have stainless steel axles and a captured bushing and pin that won't fall from the tree when replacing your sling. Cheek plates swing fully open for maximum rope access; bronze bushing between axle and sheave keeps moving parts smooth.

CMI 2 Ton Zinc Plated Steel Block 3/4" Specs

Restrictions :

CE Certified :

Meets ANSI Requirements : Yes

Teeth per inch :  

Length :  

Width :  

Height :

Depth :

Diameter :  

Inner Diameter :

Outside Diameter :

Weight : 0.31 lbs

Waist :  

Inseam :

# of Pages :

Waterproof :

Water Resistant :

Material :  

Color : Gold

Melting Point :

Elongation :

Strand Count :  

WLL :  

Tensile Strength :  

Metal : Zinc Plated Steel

Sheave Diameter : 2 3/4"

Gate Opening :  

Rope Capacity :  

H.P. :

CC :

Herbicide :

Pesticide :

Specific Target :  

UPS Overweight :

UPS Oversize :

Terms For International Shipping :

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Parts PDF : Click Here

Makes Gallons :

LTL - Ship Only :

Fabric :

Quantity per Box / Carton :

Blade Thickness, mm :

Kerf, mm :

UPC Code / Barcode No. :

Great Block

Screw pin came loose and opened, once. But i didnt tighten it from when I first started using it in the tree. But it makes me wonder if I were to use it for an extended time. would I need to go and tighten it from time to time. Otherwise Its super strong.




Good 1

I've used this block for over a decade. They're good, I do advise keeping an eye on tightening down thumb screw. As always , B good B careful B Good


Belmont, NC


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